Sometimes I get discouraged looking at online dating profiles?

Sometimes I get discouraged looking at online dating profiles? Topic: Writing and getting paid online
July 21, 2019 / By Chantelle
Question: One person directly said in her profile that she "likes social people" It discourages me because i'm not a very social person. I could just ignore that profile, but most other people are looking for the same thing. It makes me feel like no one will want to date me. Often when I do message people I get no responses back. I think the women on there don't find me interesting at all. You know I think I need to find a better category to ask these questions in because no one here is helpful. I'm not even asking anything controversial like I was yesterday and still people are unhelpful. @ The Man. One of the few times I got any response, The girl had on her profile that she was afraid of clowns. So I wrote something "What is it about clowns that you're afraid of" And she wrote back. And I messaged back and forth a few times and then I asked her if I she had a facebook so I could add her and she said "I don't give it out to people on here" So I took that as a rejection and left her alone. @ The Man. But i'm not just "looking for a good time". I appreciate you trying to help but I can't do the things you're suggesting.
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Anstey Anstey | 5 days ago
You should be. A lot of female dating profiles are made of whole cloth by the likes of Match.com, Yahoo Personals, et al to prime the pump for paying male customers. A woman who posts a genuine online ad is likely to be lying about her age, weight, number of children, and sexual interest. A lot of times, they won't even deny being liberal. You get no responses back because few men do. The ratio is skewed very much in favor of the woman. Any warpig can get her inbox blown up. A lot of women there are just looky-loos who use dating sites to get an idea of their status and value in the market. You're not going to find a better category in Y!A. Singles & Dating is overrun with foolish bimbos and dimwitted, middle school far+knockers. Marriage & Divorce is too much like GS. Maybe you should go to a site that deals directly with social anxiety, pick-up artistry, or international travel. I wish The Man did a better job keeping his posts up. I need some worthy competition for BA.
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Anstey Originally Answered: My baby's daddy has been going on online dating services and females profiles on myspace what should i do?
I'm very sorry to say to you that you are being lied upon big time because you only get a user name and a password once you have subscribed yourself for something. You were right to ask him about it because you have a right to know whether he still loves and respects you for who you are besides that him telling you that it wasn't what you are thinking and to leave it alone before you ruin your relationship is taking the easy way out. He doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions and by telling you to leave it alone he is putting the responsibility for what he's doing in your shoes because if you don't accept what he is doing it's your fault if the relationship you both have is damaged and broken. with this he is leaving the broken pieces and the guilt complex on your shoulders and it's a very selfish and irresponsible thing to do. It's obvious that he has some problem and doesn't want to talk about it with you and he is trying to get his feelings of whatever it is that is bothering him solved by looking for another relationship behind your back. He knows what he is doing and he doesn't want to get caught so he leis to you about it and now he has started lying he will continue to do so and he will hurt you and bring a lot of worries and stress into your home and this is not good for you and your baby. If this goes on much longer it will slowly take away your self esteem and your trust in other people. You are worried and that's a natural thing to do. There must be so many thoughts running through your mind and the most important one is probarbly what have I done that he doesn't love and respect me anymore the way he used to. Problem is that you haven't done anything to make him do the things he is doing now. He chose not to tell you about what is going on and about what he's feeling and what makes him act the way he does. He made the decision to do the things he is doing now. You didn't tell him or want him to do so. He should know that when you have a loving relationship with someone that you always have to be honest and respectful towards each other and that a loving realtionship is a lot of hard work and that you should always talk to each other in all honesty about what is bothering you or giving you problems aswell as what you like and enjoy about each other especially when there is a child or there are children involved. Raising a child or children is a huge responsibility and maybe that is where the problemis maybe he isn't ready to take that responsibilty and is he trying to flee from it. What is important is that you try to talk to him and that you try to do this in a very calm way and this will be very difficult because there are a lot of emotions involved and they are causing you pain and grieve but try to talk and if he sticks with his lies and you cannot trust him anymore I think the best thing you can do is tell him to go and take life into your own hands before it's to late and yuo are going under in his lies. Do you have a close friend that you can trust and that can give you support. It's a good idea to confide in her before you talk to him so that if your conversation with him upsets you to much, you have someone to turn to, that will come over to you and help you get through this. So you know that you will not be alone and that there is someone to help and comfort you. You are going through a hard time but you have to keep in mind that if he lies to you and you want to live with him telling you lies that you will always feel the pain because of it and lose your self esteem and your trust in others or that you want to take full responsibility for yourself and your baby and take life into your own hands and go on without him and make the best of what you got knowing that maybe some day there will be someone that loves and repects you for the beautiful and wonderful person that you are and who will treat you like you deserve to be treated. I will be thinking of you. Good luck and best wishes.
Anstey Originally Answered: My baby's daddy has been going on online dating services and females profiles on myspace what should i do?
If you are in a commited relationship then he needs to stay out of the single sites with NO excuses. Don't buy what he says.....you are smart enough to figure it out. If he knows he can get by with this imagine what else he will do without you knowning. Tell him that you need a relationship with trust, if not, you are out of the relationship and he will be paying child support. Dont put him on the defensive at first, don't be acusotory at first. Do it in a loving way. But , you can't be a pushover so if he continues to do this you need to stand up for you and your child. You can't spend the rest of your life with a guy how lies to you. This won't suprise some people but computer things can become addictive. He needs somewhere else to uses his computer time- he needs to replace the bad activicty with an acceptable one. He needs to live the single sites alone before HE ruins the relationship. This is a hard lesson for you to learn, but you need to have men in your life who honor a commmited relationship. Learn the lesson now and not when you are 50 years old. Be strong, don't' let him bully you with his words or attitude.
Anstey Originally Answered: My baby's daddy has been going on online dating services and females profiles on myspace what should i do?
He's already let you know what your relationship means to him. He's not taking your feelings into consideration at all. He's trying to turn things around on you to make you feel like you're responsible for the future downfall of your relationship. Leave it alone before you ruin our relationship is a sure sign he's in the wrong. Tell him again you don't like it and would appreciate it if he stops. If he doesn't, keep him as a baby daddy and move on.

Zach Zach
There are loads of dating sites on the internet, various 100 % free and quite a few that charge a fee. You'll get websites for specific individuals along with interests, one example is Black only, etc. It's really no more viewed as sad to look for love over the internet like it used to be additionally it has lots of positive aspects, for example, you can search for those who have identical hobbies and interests to your very own.
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Zach Originally Answered: I don't know what to think about online dating?
Are you a guy or a girl? For guys, I think online dating's a waste of time. I've done it, successfully, for a while and the amount of extra work I had to go through to meet women versus just going out in real life was ridiculous. First you figure out how to write a profile and message girls (and there is an art to all of that), then you start messaging girls you find attractive based on their profiles and maybe 10% respond, and of those, maybe 1% are serious enough about it to go out on a date with you. So you handle all of that and get them out and it's usually the equivalent of a blind date, only worse because there are perceptions that you form about the other person based on what you saw on their profile. 99% of the time it doesn't work out. Contrast that to seeing an attractive girl on the street, meeting her and asking her on a date. In a matter of minutes you accomplish all of the goals, with someone you're actually attracted to, that online dating tends to take DAYS to do. So for guys, it's a crutch! For girls, especially attractive girls, I think it could be useful IF you are good at quickly screening out the creepers. Cause there's lots of them in online dating, because it takes no effort to make a profile. But online dating for attractive girls is usually like having a man catalog where it's acceptable to approach the guys you're interested in....Girls have it a lot harder out and about because social convention makes it hard for them to just approach a guy they find attractive. I know I can't stand it, the girl looks easy in my eyes and loses attractiveness. But online, it's okay. So if you're a girl, you might want to consider it.
Zach Originally Answered: I don't know what to think about online dating?
i understand what you mean and as a single female who has used online dating before alot of what you are saying is true. However, the reality is that your chances of meeting someone is the same both online and off. The difference is, by adding online dating to the mix your chance is a little higher. Yes, about 80% of the people you meet online you will not be compatible with. Yes, there are millions of desperate creeps online with very misleading profiles and millions of sleezeballs who date women online because they presume any woman who uses online dating to be desperate!!!....however, on the flip side their are some good guys/girls online that are datable but truthfully it will be a needle in a haystack type of deal. If you are going to try it, the best thing to do is use a pay site such as eharmony or match, as you are more likely to have a good selection of quality matches.

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