So im working on this argument To basically kill any pro-corporal punishment argument ever made ever suggestions?

So im working on this argument To basically kill any pro-corporal punishment argument ever made ever suggestions? Topic: What is problem solving approach in teaching
June 16, 2019 / By Bonduca
Question: keep on right path, wont listen, I didn't beat my wife or I wasn't violent and listened more, they need discipline. A child isn't going to stop drawing on the wall because you sit him down and explain that he's hurting your feelings, and that not drawing on the walls is the least he can do given what you provide him. People who believe in spanking are usually the first ones to curse I mean a lot and they get very aggressive, confusion that spanking/whupping was the main factor, they think kids understand the Way to many different age variations. look at me I'm so perfect with my money and non abused girlfriend. counting/limits. developedand respect, social/public pressure. How you see results and the child never does that behavior again.(theres a right way to hit a child.oh I love this one what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, bring up researchers a lot, they legit don't know anything else, they think what they did as a child was so evil and wrong that they believe they deserved to be hit.They believe that its obvious that spankingthought them the lesson and nothing else would work, and because nothing else worked because spanking was "supposedly the only way to get them to listen" they wind up thinking they learned from it because they don't do it again and become more "respectful",Christianity. Kids,need to be taught the world doesn't revolve around them, or that they should learn about the "Real world". How kids are so bad these days. what am i missing any suggestions? It wont be a rant were i constantly call people idiots, it will be an actual detailed argument but thank you very much for the advice i was considering being a little rude or at least sarcastic. These answer's amuse me (in a good way) I think i know most of what i want to say now but still feel free to leave answers.
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Best Answers: So im working on this argument To basically kill any pro-corporal punishment argument ever made ever suggestions?

Alanna Alanna | 2 days ago
First of all, for Star- I am speaking to you as a SURVIVOR of YEARS ( over a decade, in fact) of parental abuse, including more beatings and whippings than I care to count or remember. I was incredibly LUCKY to survive to adulthood, and the undeserved beatings and abuse didn't END until after I started COLLEGE at 18. My main abuser is dead now, thankfully, and can't hurt anyone any more. I did NOT DESERVE WHAT I WENT THROUGH, not one BIT OF IT. NO CHILD EVER DESERVES ABUSE. And spanking and physical punishments ARE ABUSE. Spanking teaches kids that HITTING PEOPLE is the way to solve a problem. It ALSO sends the message that VIOLENCE is acceptable and even a DESIRABLE thing. But worst of all, spanking and physical punishments are extremely HYPOCRITICAL. When parents and adult caregivers hit kids, they are taking a "do as I SAY but NOT as I DO" approach to discipline, and that never WORKS. The kids get a completely contradictory message- and the great majority of kids RESENT it, JUST AS THE ADULTS would if the situation were reversed and THEY WERE the ones on the receiving end of such treatment. Take a cue from training horses, Star. When trainers or handlers use violence towards a horse, one of two things always happens: Either they will make an EXISTING problem that much WORSE, OR they will CREATE A NEW PROBLEM where there wasn't one to begin with. A timid horse will become even more fearful; a highly mettled, or intelligent horse will inevitably turn VICIOUS. And the fate of vicious or aggressive horses, Star, is NOT A GOOD ONE. They tend to wind up in premature graves. The same can be said of dogs, too. And punishing an angry teenager in such a manner will NOT SOLVE whatever problem is going on. Instead, it will only make an angry kid even angrier. Kids who get punished physically WILL find ways to take their anger and resentment out on whoever and whatever is around them, which is another reason for avoiding such treatment, especially in a school setting. Paddlings and whippings can cause and contribute to BULLYING, too, because of this. Being punished physically also puts kids who may already be at risk for other reasons at risk for mental illness and suicidal behavior. I agree that children need discipline, but the way in which that discipline is administered should not involve violence or physical punishments. There are far better ways to solve problems.
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Trent Trent
First, start by learning basic composition. You won't convince anyone of anything with an unintelligible rant, like that.
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Reese Reese
All children need to be spanked. Its a good form of discipline and works and has never, ever caused a child to become retarded, has never caused to them to become aggressive or violent or anything.
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