How can I talk to my mom about my problems when she always makes fun of me?

How can I talk to my mom about my problems when she always makes fun of me? Topic: Anonymous person writing a book
July 20, 2019 / By Hanley
Question: I go through periods of depression and anxiety. When I do, I move slowly, stutter, and avoid a lot of contact with people. I really want to get some sort of help or medication. My mom is the only person I can ask to bring me to a doctor, but she never takes me seriously. She mocks me and tells me I'm selfish. Is there anybody else I might be able to talk to? I'm not comfortable with talking to any family members or friends, or the school counselor. Something anonymous would be best.
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Edward Edward | 8 days ago
The fact is that mental illness is just like any physical disorder. In this case the organ that is affected is the brain. With medication and psychotherapy people find relief from their emotional problems. This relief is made possible by the fact that the chemical imbalances in the brain that contribute to mental illness are restored. The individual is able to continue their daily life without interference from their moods. In fact, they are then better able to handle the stressors that plague all of us from time to time. It is time we came out of the dark ages with regard to mental problems and admit that every one of us is capable of and probably will experience some type of emotional disorder sometime during the course of our lives. I get extremely angry at people who make nasty comments about those with mental illnesses. If you ask me, I think they're plagued with mental problems and know it and therefore are projecting their garbage onto others! ;) When I point this out to the ignoramouses, they sure do throw quite the temper tantrum. Then I say "What's the matter? You can't control your temper? Sounds like you need anger management therapy!" I deal with stigmatism in my own family too. When telling my brother for the first, actually we never discussed it again, time he began to chuckle and say "Oh boy". I was giving him detailed information and asked if he would like to write it down but he said "No thanks". I suggested a book, but he showed no interest. This is a college educated, succesful, high income, upper class man. The first time I ever went into therapy I had to turn in the claim to some one in the office that I worked in and I was fired with in three weeks with the excuse that I was under productive. All this said, I consider myself to have a good life, but it angers and frustrates me that we are still dealing with this stigmatism. I sometimes wish all those who look down upon us would have a sudden panic attack.
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Camron Camron
Is there any sort of Teen Help-line in your area ... a number you can call and talk out your problems over the phone??? that could help, but your best bet would be a school counselor since your mom seems to be so unhelpful. Or maybe the school nurse might be very helpful----especially since she has a medical background....... I'd give HER a try
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Alick Alick
i'm sorry that it really is taking position. you would possibly want to write them a letter obviously expressing your emotions. you may also write Dr. Phil, who's on television. He focuses on those forms of relatives complications. dad and mom should be tender, form and worrying. no individual is optimal. remember, each person have or have had to do some thing to advance ourselves. Teasing, bullying and different impolite and disrespectful habit does no longer help someone favor to modify or advance. i imagine that it really is staggering that you want to do activities. I a great deal appreciate athletes. i became not in any respect good at activities. move for it! Do it because you want to, no remember what all and sundry says, and also you would possibly want to a great deal take advantage of those activities because you try demanding to attain. ignore with regard to the haters. they're going to not in any respect outline who or what you're. look interior your self and be conscious the attractive, tender man or woman that you're. I say real the following quote typically, yet I obviously propose it. "you're fantastically and fantastically made by utilizing God." remember, God does no longer make blunders. merely human beings do. stay the most perfect you and be in activities, lecturers and as a pal. hunt down supportive human beings on your , in college or in different sensible circumstances. i'd be praying for you! might want to God bless you incredibly and miraculously for desirous to attend to a demanding and tricky project in a brilliant way!
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Tansy Tansy
My dad does the exact same thing i tell him that i feel depressed and stuff like that all the time and hes like yea sure whatever and makes fun of me for it he thinks im lieing IM me if u want to under my profile
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Riley Riley
Check for a teen helpline, or see if there is a group that deals with these things at your school, community centre, etc.
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Mirabel Mirabel
well you can read about depression and anxiety on curezone.com they also have success stories you can also help yourself by eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep take care
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