What are some good play script sites?

What are some good play script sites? Topic: Case scripts
July 17, 2019 / By Rhona
Question: I'm in a theater class and we're looking for a horror play or a dark comedy to perform, but I haven't found a website that gives me good suggestions and/or lets me read the script. Is there any websites that have horror play suggestions???
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Millesant Millesant | 4 days ago
When my theatre company looks for a play, one of the first places we look is www.playscripts.com The best thing about this site is that you can preview the plays online before you choose to pay for them, (minus the last ten pages or so) so that way you know if it's a sort of play you'd want to do. Some suggestions I have that I've found on the website in the past: Language Of Angels - Naomi Iizuka http://www.playscripts.com/playview.php3... Nightfall With Edgar Allan Poe - Eric Coble http://www.playscripts.com/playview.php3... The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Noah Smith http://www.playscripts.com/playview.php3... Weird Sisters - James Venhaus http://www.playscripts.com/playview.php3?playid=1002 The Canterville Ghost - Marisha Chamberlain http://www.playscripts.com/play.php3?playid=343 A Murder Of Crows - Mac Wellman http://www.playscripts.com/playview.php3?playid=1058 16 Spells To Charm the Beast - Lisa L'Amour http://www.playscripts.com/playview.php3?playid=1101 Nevermore - Dominic Orlando http://www.playscripts.com/playview.php3?playid=1506 The Echo Before - Alan Haehnel http://www.playscripts.com/playview.php3?playid=847 Hope that could help! A note: I've done "Nightfall" and am considering directing a production of "A Murder of Crows" and also "Language of Angels" in the future, and can assure you that the full scripts of those three are superb.
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"This product generally is a snapshot publication, an alphabet publication, a comedian publication, a youngsters’s tale, the script to a brief film, or a video." Sounds like you are simply meant to decide on some of the above stated media and layout it for children.

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