What would happen to a man who had his penis bitten off?

What would happen to a man who had his penis bitten off? Topic: How to write a man on the street story
June 25, 2019 / By Luther
Question: I am not a troll, this is a serious question. I am writing a novel in which, towards the end, this happens to a character who is a rapist. I suppose he would initially become very aggressive, but not for long as shock would set in from loss of blood. My main uncertainty is how long would this take... meaning how long until he would stop fighting? Ten seconds? Five minutes? And also how long before he lost consciousness, if at all? Assume the penis was bitten off 1/3 of the way down (ie 2/3 remains) and also that it was fully erect at the time of the severance. I have considered asking my GP about this, but I didn't want him to get the wrong idea. The biter is a human female.
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Jeff Jeff | 10 days ago
I would say it would only be a matter of ten seconds before he stopped fighting as the pain would be excruciating and the blood loss would be big. Although he may not faint nor might he die. There have been many men who have had their penis cut off or bitten off. A woman bit her husbands penis off and threw it to a dog who ran off with it down the street. The dog ate the penis so there was no chance of stitching it back on. If the person with the bitten off penis constricted the blood flow it would eventually stop bleeding, but as I said the pain would be horrendous. Good luck with your story.
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Garfield Garfield
ok she bites hi and so he rys to move away but as he trys to par of his penis comes off and there is no blood but sperm and it should not be erect and the he gos to jail and the people in jail make him always be naked so people can see what happened to him good luck with your book and please tell me when it comes out and the name of the book
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Deryck Deryck
He'd most likely have a serious condition and.. um.. who bit his penis off? If it's an animal, he might possibly loose his life
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Benoni Benoni
Pain...depends on what kind of insects bite his pennis...if bee, maybe i think 10 minutes..because pennis is full of blood vessels so it can spread out till the whole pennis get affected..
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