How do you get rid of an annoying friend who keeps writing stupid e-mails to you?

How do you get rid of an annoying friend who keeps writing stupid e-mails to you? Topic: I am swamped with homework
July 20, 2019 / By Maverick
Question: i wanna get rid of her in a good way....she is a really nice girl but irritating becuz she has always been jealous of my best friend and now that she is gone she wants me to be her best friend
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Jock Jock | 2 days ago
Just ignore the emails , and when she asks , Just say " I've been swamped with chores or homework or projects and haven't had time to internet much ." Be polite but busy elsewhere as much as possible . Unless you are just one of those 'hang out' all the time people , Then you'll have to deal with her . >
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Jock Originally Answered: My friend is annoying?
your not janes baby sitter you dont have to make her feel comfortable as your friend all you have to do is be there for her and not be mean to her your not being mean because your sitting with new people and having a good time ..yea be nice to Jane but dont keep leaving your new lunch table so early your going to end up being a loner if you keep trying to please jane shes not going to be there forever just have FUN! dnt let anyone hold you back!! your only going to be in HS for 4yrs trust me that goes by sooo quickly! im a sophmore and im like WOW where did my freshman yr go!? so make freinds have fun and dont be mean to jane but dont let her hold you back!
Jock Originally Answered: My friend is annoying?
As someone who chooses not to have many friends, I say don't allow Jane to interfere with your own friend making experiences. Don't abandon her completely, obviously, but don't spend ALL of your time with her. Sit with her sometimes, and your new friends other times. Of course, I just have a poor opinion of people, so it might be different for someone who's just shy, rather than misanthropic. But still, don't let her dominate your life. Sit with her sometimes, them others.

Jock Originally Answered: I have no best friend(stupid 20 characters)?
Well, school isn't the only place to get friends, If I were you I'd just walk around your neighborhood and see what comes up, you never know what can happen, I know it's tough, but after this comes the real world, where friends actually count for something, and also just talk to people, what happens if you try, it can't really get worse can it? Get a dog, do something interesting, how about talking to people in other schools? Cheer up that's how I got friends after I moved here 3 months ago (I'm home schooled), their friends, become your friends and so on, it's like a chain reaction, but honestly we can't solve your problems, you have to go out there and do it yourself, well, good luck, hang in there, You seem like a nice person..i'm sure you'll get friends....Hey and like the person above you said, well yeah some of it is true but don't go with the crowd, because real friends come when you show your true self, if you're going to fake it, sure you'll get friends, but not ones that you can count on.
Jock Originally Answered: I have no best friend(stupid 20 characters)?
First of all, you need to stop being so negative. Don't say you will never have a best friend, because you absolutely could. Also,I think you are just comparing yourself to others too much. You see other people in their "groups," you watch other people open their presents and compare it to what little you got. I understand that you feel left out, and that sucks. But you probably aren't as bad off as you make it seem. From your perspective it probably looks to you like everyone is in some sort of group or has a best friend, but i'm sure that there are many people who also feel like they aren't in an official group, just kind of floating around. And you know what, there is nothing wrong with floating around! When you think about it it's probably better to have friends in all different groups and know lots of different people rather than being confined to a few particular people. Also, when everyone got presents, and you say you only got a few pathetic ones, well, they're still presents! Even though people may not have gone extremely out of their way for you, they did think of you. I think you need to focus on what you do have, be thankful for it, and try and build on it. Life will never be perfect, but you can always try. So now what I think you need to focus on is being more outgoing, strive to be friendly, be kind to others, try to find similar interests, and ultimately build friendships! If you start having a lot of fun with some people, get their phone numbers and text them! Ask them if they want to hangout! I can understand how you feel, I was in middle school once, and it sucked! But things do get better, you just need to have faith in that. You really need to just push yourself a little bit more to reach your full potential. Talk to people, it's that simple. Good Luck, I really hope this helped!
Jock Originally Answered: I have no best friend(stupid 20 characters)?
You need to take a close look at yourself, sweetie and see what is wrong with YOU!! It is strange why you have No Friends. You must come on a certain way that turns people off. Perhaps you are not clean and have a odor. Perhaps you are just obnoxious and don't really show compassion. Perhaps you come across as "poor me". Perhaps you are expecting too much. There is nothing anyone can do....it can only come from self-assessment and the ability to want to change something within yourself!

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