What are some good sites on info about raw feeding for dogs?

What are some good sites on info about raw feeding for dogs? Topic: Introduction and background of a research
July 17, 2019 / By Rosy
Question: If you don't have any good sites, maybe you can tell me what to start them off with. Great suggestions, I could tell it's gonna be difficult to choose a best answer again...keep 'em coming! :]
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Nadine Nadine | 5 days ago
There are three ways to go about raw feeding. Store bought brands: There are brands that make packaged raw diets sold in small pet stores. This is the most expensive, but also the most convenient choice. Some are AAFCO approved and some are pressure pasteurized, which is helpful for humans with compromised immune systems that still want to offer raw food. This can sometimes be a good introduction to raw feeding while you are still learning about dog nutrition, which can be complicated. Some brands include Natures Variety, Primal, Bravo, Stella & Chewy's, Northwest Naturals, and dozens of others. BARF: This method involved grinding raw meats and bone, adding ground fruit and vegetables, then adding any desired supplements and making a your own ground raw food. Balancing this kind of diet is best done under the guidance of a holistic vet, unless you have an extensive background in the science of dog nutrition. People who believe dog's are omnivores and benefit from plant based nutrients do well with this method. It is also the most time consuming. Prey model: This method is based on the belief that dog's are carnivores and do not benefit from any plant based food sources. Meals are not ground and are made up of whole animal parts. You would simply take items like chicken backs, chicken quarters, beef ribs, ect. and put it in the dog dish whole. Small amounts of organ meat would be added to the whole food items. This is the least expensive, but sometimes messiest way to go. I personally have the best success with store bought brands, but that's just what fits into my beliefs and lifestyle. It's what my dog's have done best on, and I have tried all three methods. There are benefits, drawbacks, and controversy to each method. You just need to do lots of research, use common sense, talk to holistic vets, and go with what works best for you and your dog.
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Lorena Lorena
When I was a newbie and learning how to feed raw I went to this site: http://dogfoodchat.com/forum/ I signed up and went into the forum. There is a section specifically on feeding raw. Everyone there was very helpful and I have learnt so much from this site. Don't forget to check out the archives because I can almost guarantee that what you want to ask has been asked and answered before. There is even helpful information there on what the correct ratios are and the type of raw feeding that you can start. This is one of the best forums that I have joined in regard to feeding raw. Good luck!
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Katee Katee
You can find whole BOOKS about raw feeding diets at Dogwise online, www.dogwise.com. It is best to know all you can about this BEFORE you begin because their are some health risks involved, not just to the dog but to you, too. Other than that, you should probably start at the original raw feeding site, Dr. Billinghurst's BARF site. BARF stands for Bones And Raw Food. Dr. Billinghurst is an Australian veterinarian who fed his dogs a lot of kangaroo meat, which was cheap and widely available. It is not so inexpensive to raw feed a dog in the USA. And, NO, raw meat is NOT all they eat. While certain things such as chicken backs and turkey necks are usually cheap, it is very important to never feed a dog any bones that have been either been stored to long or were ever frozen. This is risky because stores sometimes "forget" to mark the meats "previously frozen" and many dogs have died from this. Salmonella poisoning is a very real threat to YOU. Please learn ALL about it, the good AND the bad, before you begin. One mistake could kill your dog.
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Heaven Heaven
There are Yahoo groups that teach raw feeding. I'm new at it and belong to http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/rawK9... These people are great. They've been a great help to me.
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