Healthcare bill, are you for or against? What makes you happy, sad, fearful?

Healthcare bill, are you for or against? What makes you happy, sad, fearful? Topic: Write letter to us senator
July 21, 2019 / By Angel
Question: Please address the above. Have you contacted your Senator about this bill and if so, what kind of response did you get? Do you feel that contacting your Senator will have any bearing whatsoever on their vote?'
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Best Answers: Healthcare bill, are you for or against? What makes you happy, sad, fearful?

Wilford Wilford | 7 days ago
i wanted to wait for more answers before i contributed my opinion but it appears the "contact" problem Y!A is having has affected responses. let me start out by saying that as the current bills (both house & senate versions) are before the american people, they are both totally unacceptable. we have a monstrosity house bill that no one could possibly understand that's so full of loopholes, no one in their right mind could stand behind it. the senate version is so poorly written that it too will not solve any of the healthcare/insurance problems the country is having. it's quite amusing to read posts here saying the other side of the aisle hasn't offered any alternatives when "informed" people know otherwise. i find it enormously sad and frustrating that the true problems are not being addressed first with mandates for the rest before we totally reorganize, which for the critical thinkers only goes to show that this has absolutely nothing to do with the issue of "healthcare", but the implementation of yet another government takeover of an industry. what makes me fearful is the "entitlement" mentality of people in this country that seem to want to run to the government to fix the so-called "ills" we have when history has repeatedly shown us that government never "fixes" anything....but does nothing but make it worse. as i've said before on this subject, the left has waited for over 60 years to have all the dominos fall into place to ram through their agenda and now with them having the "trifecta", they are willing to sacrifice their power because they know once this (and other legislation) goes thru, it will never be repealed. my particular representatives and senators mail out annoying form letters in response to my written letters, are too "busy" (afraid) to talk to me on the phone or return calls and e/m seems to be a dead end. we are not represented anymore, our voices are rarely taken into consideration and if the electorate doesn't get with the program and become more involved and educated, our country as we know it will replicate the euro union. i understand the bush "hatred" during the 06 and 08 elections, but i watched this happen during the perot/bush/clinton cycle, with the "independents/moderates" going for clinton and this plus the right not getting out and voting at least for the lesser of two evils (mccain), we are now stuck with at least one to three more years of destruction !!!!!
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Wilford Originally Answered: Why is the new healthcare bill considered to be of such importance?
It is important because it is based on the idea that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status deserves affordable health care. It also is based on the notion that government can solve problems when big business fails. The shortage of doctors needs to be addressed but there is no way that the current bill could have changed the rules for insurance and addressed the shortage of doctors. The Democrats were barely able to pass the changes that were made. Most importantly, the health care bill is important because it is forcing citizens, government, and business to address American's need for a viable health care system.

Scot Scot
I contacted Roy Blunt, my representative, and both of my Senators here in Missouri. Interestingly, all I got in response was a letter that said that they appreciated my concern and they were looking into it. All three form letters. I am against the current health care plan. It should be required that all employees make group health insurance available. For those that have no employment, then there should be a Medicare/ Medicaid plan for them. I myself never had any kind of health insurance until I went to work for the US Government in 1983. From 1980 until that time, I had used the Veterans Administration for medical care, and it was satisfactory. Now that I am unemployed, I use the VA for all my medical needs and it is good quality care.
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Neas Neas
I'm against. I have written my two ultra-left-wing senators with my concerns, and have gotten letters back indicating that my view of good and bad don't match theirs at all. My representative is a polical hack. When the Republicans came up with insane plans, he was all for it. When the Democrats come up with insane plans, he can recognize that. Now as to why I'm against: Not enough room here. I've put the whole list at http://linker.com/~sol/health.pdf
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Keshaun Keshaun
nancy pelosie was just asked by a reporter will people go to jail if they dont buy health insurance this is unconstitutional and is against the law people need to be ashamed they voted the democrats into power in 2006 and voting for obama obama is the worst (president) in all of Americas history the democrats caused and are still helping the demise of america
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Hoyt Hoyt
As an Australian we already have Universal Health Care and can go to a doctor at anytime we wish. So to be honest, the fact that you've even had the debate is totally alien to us, notwithstanding the fact that there are sections who vehemently defend their right of "choice" despite paying more than 8 timer per capita than anyone else on earth for health care. Still, you are a strange lot and to be honest, common sense wasn't really one of your fortes was it? America is like the big fat kid who sits up the back of the class who threatens to beat everyone else up for their lunch money and then wonders why they have no friends.
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Emmett Emmett
For. Because I haven't seen any better alternatives from the Republicans, or, really, any alternatives at all. They just want to kill any reform, and that means costs will keep going up, and the number of uninsured will keep climbing. I've thought of writing my senator, but I doubt it would do any good.
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Emmett Originally Answered: Is Republic Healthcare an legit healthcare company or a scam?
http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer... http://www.dora.state.co.us/dora_pages/n... These are 2 articles I suggest you forward to your sister. It appears that you also did some checking and found that these plans are WORTHLESS. There is a reason they state THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. No plan out there can charge the same rate for everyone, regardless if it is homeowners, life or auto insurance. Most likely the card she received will not be accepted at most doctors/hospitals etc. When I applied for an individual plan about a year ago, I got calls from at least 20 agents. At first, I thought some were legitimate, but soon realized that many sold Homeland? and also they were trying to sell me a policy called Cinergy, which you will see a lot of times advertised on TV. They all had one thing in common, one price per all. When I asked specific questions, I either got VAGUE answers or info I later learned was fraudulent. I asked for a copy of their policy, but many will not send to you unless you sign up; RED FLAG. I asked what the coverage limits were and was told it was unlimited????? That right there, told me this did not make sense. I went to the sites of these policies and then looked at what they covered and kept seeing this is not HEALTH INSURANCE everywhere. Have your sister cancel asap and also make sure she disputes the credit card charge, even though it states non-refundable. Most cards only allow 30 to 60 days to do this. Then have her call an independent agent. I did so, they gave me options of several companies per price/coverage etc. A good agent can best advise her of what she may need. good luck, and thankfully she has a great brother to guide her.

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