Penis is facing straight down?

Penis is facing straight down? Topic: Tissue case sewing
June 25, 2019 / By Millesant
Question: So my penis like faces down when i get an erection, it just kinda curves a little from where it connects to my body and then just like starts facing down fully from there basically, ive been masturbating since i was in middle school, and i remember my penis used to face straight up back then, but i cant remember quite if it just started slowly beding down over time, or how it went, but anyways, now its like this, i hear its from masturbating to much? And ive basically just masturbated about 1 time a day for the last 3 or 4 years... I dont know if this is normal?
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Lilac Lilac | 5 days ago
Penile curvature is a congenital occurrence. Some have trivial or nonsignificant sideway (sometimes downward) deviation of the penis, which is still considered normal, since the curvature does not interfere with normal copulation. There are unfortunate males who have a downward curvature, and sometimes the degree of curvature can be so bad that it hinders them from normal copulation (a condition called chordee). There have been several theories as to why this happens (one of them being the shorter side - which is the ventral side - of the penis has a deficiency of testosterone receptors that's why penile tissue didn't grow as well as the longer side did) and there have been 4 mechanisms identified (see link below) to this occurrence. I do not know how old you are. I'm assuming you're not done with puberty yet, so you still have ways to go with your secondary sexual development. It is worth-while, though, to consult a urologist, as you may have chordee. The treatment options to this (especially for the badly-curved cases) is surgery. One is doing what's called a Nesbit procedure (which is resecting wedge-sections from the dorsal or longer side of the penis, and sewing the edges together so that the penis is straighter, though this has been associated with some - perhaps minimal - penile shortening), or make the shorter (or ventral) side longer with grafts (which, although does not shorten the penis, has been associated with 10% more complications, including loss of erection). My sense is, the urologist will probably choose to let you finish puberty/developing first before he will entertain the option of corrective surgery. Jelqing and stretching techniques have not been shown to help, and may even be harmful. Hope this helps.
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Justice Justice
As long as eveything is still working properly, I don't think there is anything to worry about. Consult a doctor if in doubt.
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