Outdoor wedding.can I still use green?

Outdoor wedding.can I still use green? Topic: Case seat plans
June 25, 2019 / By Jordan
Question: I really want the colors (light) sage green and ivory as my wedding colors with a hint of pink in there (will be included in the flowers) I also really wish to be married outside, we have no found a place yet. But here is my questions: 1) Did you have an outdoor wedding? how did it go? what did would you have done differently? 2) Will light sage green with an outdoor wedding be too "Green" I wish to find a spot on the lake...guests would be seating facing the lake. I don't really fancy any other colors, im not a huge pink person and do not really want pink bridesmaids dresses, I really love sage but I dont want them to blend in too much with the scenary ok what do we think of this....bridemaids will carry a bouquet of light pink calla lillies to incorporate some color, and I will carry a small bouquet of white calla lillies with their long green stems I think that would look nice.
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Gennie Gennie | 3 days ago
The sage will be beautiful outdoors. I recently attended a wedding that had sage bridesmaids dresses and she had flowers that were ivory, light pinks and lavender. Very pretty against the sage dresses. As for an outdoor wedding, ALWAYS have a plan B in case of rain or bad weather.
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Delight Delight
The colors are great and will look beautiful with the outdoor scenery. If you are still worried about the dresses "blending in" choose a fabric that has a sheen or a dress with a pattern (possibly green/pink) Try Davids Bridal. I was married outside, on a huge covered deck, overlooking the river and mountainside in October and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Best of luck to you! Congratulations
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Bryanne Bryanne
I think as long as you stick with the sage green you should be fine, it sounds really pretty, especially with the pink accents. I didn't have an outdoor wedding, I couldnt have delt with the stress of worryin about the weather for a year, but I have been to several that turned out soooo pretty. I found this dress, It might be something you could use.... http://www.alfredangelo.com/index.cfm/fu... Their is also a pretty white with sage green printed floral bridesmaid dress I have seen on davids bridal that would really be pretty, but I cant get their site to come up for some reason, maybe you could check for yourself? Hope it helps, congrats!
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Alleen Alleen
My brother and his wife got married in this really beautiful park we have in town. They got married next to the pond and she had sage green bridesmaids dresses and decorations. The pictures look wonderful and it was really pretty. Besides, it is your wedding, you need to do what you like and will make you happy. I just know that the sage green will look great with an outdoor wedding because I witnessed it first hand.
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Utai Utai
Green at an outdoor wedding would be gorgeous... it would compliment the natural surroundings. Here is a link to theknot.com that shows pictures from real weddings that has green as the color. I've gotten a lot of my own ideas from these pictures (my color is sage green too). P.S. The idea that you came up with for the flowers sounds great. http://weddings.theknot.com/odb/Results.aspx?&colors=Green
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