Does anyone know of any good English literature sites-Anna Karenina?

Does anyone know of any good English literature sites-Anna Karenina? Topic: Cite sources english paper
July 21, 2019 / By Deb
Question: I am really bad at finding good sources for papers, I have to find some.Yahoo and Google is what I am using but they keep finding the same/similar things the other had. (looking for symbolisms.) My professor is really picky at certain cites we get them too. Thanks :-)
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Brier Brier | 7 days ago
Here is a good start: Themes, Motifs & Symbols Themes http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/anna/theme... Anna Karenina is widely regarded to be an even greater achievement of tragedy and of the novel form than War and Peace had been the decade before. Tolstoy began it in 1873 and concluded it in 1877. It is the story of a fashionable married woman, Anna Karenina, who arrives in St Petersberg to meet Stepan Arkadyevitch but meets with him another man. This man, Count Vronsky, is strangely attracted to Anna from the outset and she begins to feel for him too. Anna recalls her cold-blooded and cynical husband who is twenty years her senior. He never shows her any affection and considers her to be a trophy. The Count contrives to meet Anna again through his friendship with Stepan, with whom Anna is residing. The novel then follows this liaison as it begin and then ends horribly as Anna’s husband Karenin finds out about the affair. Anna is brought down by others’ passions and power over her and she is driven, after many twists and turns in her fortunes and those of her lovers, to throw herself under the wheels of a train. It is one of the most famous suicides in literary history but to know of its inevitability only makes the tragedy of Anna’s life more cathartic and sad. http://www.bibliomania.com/0/0/52/95/fra... Originally conceived of as a dumpy and vulgar housewife, Anna evolved in successive versions of Tolstoy’s manuscript into the beautiful, passionate, and educated woman we know in the novel. Tolstoy’s increasing sympathy for this adulteress suggests the mixed feelings he harbored toward her: she is guilty of desecrating her marriage and home, but is noble and admirable nonetheless. The combination of these traits is a major reason for the appeal of this novel for more than a century. Anna is intelligent and literate, a reader of English novels and a writer of children’s books. She is elegant, always understated in her dress. Her many years with Karenin show her capable of playing the role of cultivated, beautiful, society wife and hostess with great poise and grace. She is very nearly the ideal aristocratic Russian wife of the 1870s. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/anna/
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Read more grammar and reference books like dictionaries, thesaurus, and novel books.. Look for good and difficult words you don't understand and look it up on the dictionary so that you know the meaning of it... Practice by writing essays in Microsoft Word... Use the Grammar Check!!! (=
Brier Originally Answered: How to become better at English language and literature?
Buy or make a notebook, take it everywhere with you, write any new word you knew, then look for it in the dictionary, look for its uses, make a sentences of it, and try using it in your daily life. by watching English movies consistently, that would help a lot. Read novels, and you've got problems of not getting the meaning, read each chapter, underline the words that you need to know and write it down in your note book, then re-read the novel. It's better to do it after a chapter, believe me, it'll make differences. You can also buy books that talks about your problems, join some courses, there's an online courses too, or you can learn it free, e.g: you can find a lot of lessons on the internet free. and yah the last thing, get the synonyms dictionary it's awesome. I hope I helped you.

Aliah Aliah
You just need to be careful that you dont copy information word for word and that is what most teachers get grumpy about.
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