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Slumber Party? Topic: How to write a cover envelope
June 16, 2019 / By Jonna
Question: Im having my first slumber party for my 12th birthday and i have a great spot to have all the sleeping bags and watch movies but other than that i don"t know what to do plz help =P
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Genie Genie | 9 days ago
well here how to have the ULTIMATE slumber party! INVITATIONS: Trace on cardboard the shape of an Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, etc. and write the information on the back. This is what I put: You are cordially invited to YOUR NAME HERE's Awards! Where: The Red Carpet (YOUR HOUSE HERE) When: YOUR DATE AND TIME HERE Please Bring: A sleeping bag, pillow, or anything else you want to bring (or whatever else you want to put as a neccessity on your invitation) R.S.V.P.:DATE HERE AND PHONE# HERE Hope to see you there! Food: I had the regular pizza and the regular cake. I ordered my cake from a baker but you can bake your own for a lot cheaper. On my cake, I had yellow frosting spotlights, to make it a movie themed cake. I also had a Snack Bar, which you will read about soon. DECORATIONS: I had the sleepover in my basement and in my basement, there are a row of poles seperating it in half. I purchased cheap red fabric and hung the fabric up, creating two openings. Over each opening, I put a sign that said either THEATER 1 or THEATER 2. When you got "in" the theater, I had the signs read EXIT. I also put up black, silver, yellow/gold, and red balloons. I had a long table covered in the same red fabric. I put a sign that said SNACK BAR and I put out a long array of snacks, popcorn, chips + dips, cookies, and sandwiches in the shapes of stars. I also found a way to make tuxedos out of napkins to hold the forks, knives, and spoons, all plastic of course. THE PARTY: I had my guests arrive at about 5:30. They all played a game called "Tangled Up". I had a different color yarn ball for each guest. On one end of the yarn ball, I attached a piece of paper with each guest's name on it. I wound the yarn around furniture and tangled it up with the other yarn. My friends had to untangle their yarn to get to their goody bags. The first person to untangle their yarn ball got a pack of starry stickers, but you can make it anything like lip gloss, a bracelet, etc. We then set up our sleeping bags in the "theater" and we went to eat pizza and cake. We then played lots of fun games like Flashlight Hide-N-Seek, a Fashion Show, Sooo Embarrassing (where people tell their most embarrassing moment and people rate it from 1-10), and many others. Then, we opened presents. We settled into our sleeping bags and watched Mean Girls and The Princess Diaries. MORNING: In the morning, we had doughnuts and waffles. Before the girls left, I had an awards ceremoney. Each girl got an award, whether it was "Most Likely To Model PJs" or "Giggliest Giggler". Everyone went home with an award. GOODY BAGS: For the goodbags, we had small things, like small notebooks, candy, and hand lotion. We also had gift certificates to the movies, which really fit the theme. I hope you have a fun Movie Madness Birthday, just like I did! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A great sleepover party idea would be a Movie Sleepover! But not just any Movie Sleepover, a SUPER MOVIE SLEEPOVER!!!!!! This party was meant for a 12 year old, but all preteens will enjoy it! I find that parties where you go see a movie are quite boring, because you can't talk or have fun with your friends, because you are supposed to be watching a movie! So instead, you could have your own movie theater at your house! INVITATIONS: Take a toliet paper roll that doesn't have any toliet paper on it. Take cardboard and draw 2 identical circles. Decorate one side of each of the circles to look like a movie reel. Glue the toliet paper roll in between the two circles. Then, take paper, and roll it around the movie reel, glueing one end to the toliet paper roll so it stays. Then, write all of the information on the paper. I would suggest hand delivering these, as you would have to spend extra to get big padded envelopes. Another invitation would be to have a big ticket that says ADMIT ONE and have all of the details on the back of the ticket. Give your theater (your house) a fancy name. For instance, if your last name was Smith, you could have THE SMITH THEATER. Put that on the invitation, but make sure to have your real address, too. Ask guests to wear movie star clothes, such as boas or big glasses. A great way to dress is to play "dress-up", because dress-up kits always have "fancy" stuff. Make sure your guests know that it's not formal, just funny! DECORATIONS: Lay out a red carpet (can be fabric or paper) throughout the house. Instead of spending a lot of money on big movie posters, raid magazines for them. Hand them up on the walls. Also, have red, silver, red, and gold balloons, streamers, plates, etc. Sprinkle star confetti on the tablecloth. For the movie watching place, set up comfy chairs in rows, like real movie theaters, or spread pillows around and sit on those. FOOD: Have a Snack Bar for kids to get food before they watch the movie, like at a real movie theater. Take a long table (like a card table) and decorate with a pretty tablecloth. Make a "Menu" that tells people what they
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If you've got things like a wii, a ps2, or other game things like that then use them.. If they all have a DS, then tell them to bring them so you can have fun and stuff. For a wii, get mario party, or another party game, the competisions are really fun =] hope I could help =]
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Brooklyn Brooklyn
If an android device is available, try this application. It's simple and light, but you can have a lot of fun with your friends with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xjlwpq1QMwM
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Alix Alix
Think of topics to talk about school or cute boys and twighlight. Girls can talk about that stuff for ever. Pillow fight and try making a funny movie with your friends. Trust me its great. P.S. Please film the pillow fight and post it on youtube ; )
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