What makes a person poetic?

What makes a person poetic? Topic: Free writing paper with border
June 16, 2019 / By Edyth
Question: Here's a slightly revised little ditty I penned a while ago in response to the above question. So what makes a person poetic, you ask? To answer your query is no easy task. For words are the tools of the poet, you see, they spring from the heart and they yearn to be free, but they must have order and discipline too, be poignant and probing and say what is true. To pass on a story is each poet's goal, a tale from the heart that will touch ev'ry soul, and make readers cry or e'en smile at his rhyme, and be able to do so time after time. So what makes a person poetic, you plead? The gift to be able on paper to bleed. mtheory - and you often ignore what is there in order to try and make a redundant point. I think the phrases 'poignant and probing' and 'to be able on paper to bleed, along with the line 'a tale from the heart that will touch ev'ry soul' sufficiently covers what you allude to. I guess I should have concluded that your inability to write stems from an inability to read.
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Charmaine Charmaine | 6 days ago
Never thought I'd see you drop an "e'en" . . . did I miss one before this? Nice inversion in the last line, really. The problem with your theory about readers crying and smiling, though, is that there are many "consumers" of poetry that are pleased with the lowest common denominator of what is given to them. You know how many times lil ol' me has wandered into the poetry section of Borders and walked out disgusted? Yeesh.
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If you have doubts about that person you know, see what he has published recently and in which journals. You cannot be a "scientist" if you're not contributing to science, and for the last 150 years such contributions have been done in the form of publications in peer-reviewed academic journals. Some go as far as use citation counts as a measure of the scientist's worth, but I think looking at what was actually written is a lot more important. News channels are irrelevant.

Arin Arin
oh poor and sad poet compensating for insignificance words that are ordered and disciplined are but one aspect of life and stories in life do not always have a point except to share what was experienced what makes a poem poetry is how we feel when we are done reading poetry should make us humble when the poets words say it all and we simply appreciate forgive my pointing this out but you often leave things left unsaid sacrificed to the denial of life as art lol redundant I like the way I said it better but thanks iano
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Zebina Zebina
Then as you say if I rip out my soul Until my chest ought but a big gapping hole Smearing the paper with blood as it drips Will allow me to rhyme such poetic quips As the masters, the Bard, the awesome Magill? If that be the case, I sure the hell will!
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Sidney Sidney
a tale from the heart that will touch ev'ry soul - You have made it so touching and springing from the heart. I enjoyed it. Shall I tell how I feel about poetry, here is my poem, for your heartfelt comments: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?...
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Oli Oli
That was fun. Mostly. But then you dropped those last two "heavy" lines on us. I'd just keep it light and frothy on this one. I thought it was pretty good. Not all poems have to be desperately serious.
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