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Sisterhood of Traveling Pants question! Topic: Movie the sisterhood of night
July 17, 2019 / By Amaliya
Question: I saw The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, and there was a commercial for a movie (can't remember the name) and it had a really good song (: But it was about this girl who had a husband who went away, and then she met another guy, and then her husbend came back, and she said to her daughter "I want you to know that love is where it feels like anything can happen..." or something like that. If you know the name of the movie, please tell me! Or the song being played during it (: Thanks. FOUND OUT THE NAME OF THE MOVIE! It's Nights In Rodanthe. If you know the SONG in the trailer, PLEASE tell me!
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Walker Walker | 7 days ago
i actually saw that preview and was wondering about the same song, but i still haven't been able to figure out what it was. good luck finding it though! actually, i just looked it up, and the name of the movie is "nights in rodanthe" i think. still haven't found the song though.
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They don't ever actually explain it, but it's not significant except with regards to understanding her character. Tibby is very much into drama, theater, and the arts. It's why she's always filming things in the first movie and I believe she is going to school to become a director. Anyway, her wearing the wig in the movie is just her expressing her creativity and/or personal style. Like I said though, it's only important in regards to how she chooses to express herself, not in regards to the plot. :)
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So my known assessment of the action picture become that I did relish it and idea it become solid universal. certain Likes: -they lined EFfie, and he or she become particularly :D -they a minimum of tried to se Bridget's stoyfrom the 2d e book Dislikes: -Bridget: ~did no longer have her cover even as she met Greta. (i loved that area contained in the e book) ~there ws no Eric ~her twin, Perry, wasn't there ~even as she went to Turkey.. no longer some thing important got here about.. she would have jut examine the letters at residing house and that that they'd have that previous established time to movie her in Alabama worigfr Greta in he cover ~she merely sorta left Greta after lik quarter-hour of the action picture fowl it become her significant journey in e book 4 -Carmen ~Julia did not look mad sufficient ~considering even as does she fall in love at drama college, i do not keep in mind that ~Julia isn't meant to be blonde ~she looked extremely short (lol) -Lena: ~the Leo ingredient got here too instantly and ended anruptly.. they must have executed extra with it, or merely no longer have executed some thing ~Kostas were given demanding, and they did not clarify his tale ~the girl who performed Effie turned right into a extra ideal actress than Alexis (vry particularly, yet can't act ~Effie/Brian ingredient looked rushed ~her paintings type wasn't even nicely worth havingn the action picture.. we did not get see a lot of her paintings ~Leo doesn't paint her! -Tibby ~did not clarify the Brian and Tibb waiting ingredient ~Tibby looked as if it would chuffed and by no skill as gloomys I expected ~Tibby's movie occupation become practcally left out ~Brian looked extraordinary.. he'ssuosed to look solid,and the position's his lover fr Dragon's Lair? i recognize I hvewaay too many diikes yet back I loved in truth the entire action picture.. I merely desire they wuld have gonemore intensive with the girls folk, a minimum of Bee.

Rube Rube
oooh sorry, idk ...but it sounds interesting! i wanna know the name of that movie too! good luck and peace out! :)
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Summary: Four girls are going to be seperated for the first time during summer vacation. Tibby bought pants and magically it fits all them perfectly. They decide to send to each other during vacation. Lina is going to Rome and meets a boy there. Tibby stays at home and works on a suckumentary. Bee goes to soccer camp and meets Eric. Cameron visits her dad, but finds out he is going to be married. In the end, they all have their own adventures and the pants is the connection to each other.
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What book are you talking about? Because there are a few books in the series. If you are talking about just a rough over view of it then this might help: Beginning: 4 best friends find a pair of jeans that fit all of them. They are all different shapes and sizes, but somehow this pair of jeans fit them all. Middle: The girls go separate way during the Summer. They send the jeans around to each other. There are rules of how they have to wear the jeans and what not to do when wearing the jeans. Before sending the jeans on to the next person, they have to write a letter about what happened when they wore the jeans. Ending: The girls' Summer is over and they are reunited in their home town. Hope this helps. Good luck

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