What are some good animes to watch that lots of action and a great story?

What are some good animes to watch that lots of action and a great story? Topic: Elements of nature writing award
June 17, 2019 / By Dene
Question: To start I'll give you a list of what I've seen (there's always that one guy that recommends what you clearly say you've already watched) One Piece-Love it Bleach-meh Naruto-..... for the love of God don't recommend this S.a.o.-Love it Samurai 7-Love it Inuyasha-Pretty good Toriko-Pretty good Soul Eater-Pretty good F.m.a-Could never get into it and I'm thinking of watching attack on Titan. So something that follows along the basis of these animes or just post your favorites. Thanks in advance.
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Beavis Beavis | 4 days ago
Cowboy Bebop - Critically acclaimed and award-winning. Mixes bebop-style jazz and Jeet kune do with bounty hunters (and a wild-west feel) in space. The music is half the experience. I even got the entire OST to listen too. It's Shinichiro Watanabe, by the way. Episodic much of the time, but each character has a past. It's not going to give you an entire sob-story flashback episode, but despite their new situation as bounty hunters who are stuck together by chance, their pasts in the end are all catching up to them. I've only watched the English dub, but even the creator says the English version was his favorite. Samurai Champloo - Another work directed by Shinchiro Watanabe, but this time, the mix takes on a different set of ingredients. Feudal Japan? Check. Samurai? Check. Hip-hop? Check!! Great soundtrack and dynamic fight scenes that are fun to watch, and although very episodic in nature, each episode develops the characters to fit into a larger whole. Personally I prefer the dub, because of the strange blend of Eastern and Western elements, and also Steve Blum just makes Mugen sound badass. Baccano! - Find out the events concerning a strange elixir that appears in Manhattan during November of 1930. Follow the various events of those involved in the disaster that occurred on the transcontinental train in 1931. Discover the motivations behind the latest mafia feud happening in 1932. And many other dates in between and beyond. There is no single main character in this story, only a series of related incidents. For each incident there are as many stories as there are people involved, and although it might be a bit confusing in the first episode, which opens up all three (which each story is switched between constantly), it's got a lot of diversity to offer. Dub is very well done, and it's a little hard for me to watch the original Japanese. The 1930s accents do add alot of character to the series, and the Japanese language doesn't have much of an equivalent, even though the voice work itself was good. Attack on Titan - Yeah, you mentioned it. And I'm recommending it. The animation is expressive and dynamic. The voice acting is great. And although the story may not stray too far from the commonalities of the shonen genre (not to say the plot is bad - far from it), the characters bring so much life to it and go beyond many of the demographic's standard characterizations. (EX: Eren. Many series may have a protagonist that's "angry" for lack of a better term, but Eren is too angry. WAY too angry) Gankutsuou - Not exactly that action-y. But this is a visual masterpiece, and a new imagining of Alexander Dumas' classic work, The Count of Monte Cristo. The artistic direction is beautiful, with amazing patterns, colours, and textures, and the setting is also placed in a very unique outer space setting. There are action scenes, just like in the original book, yet, though these are duels, with the setting they have, expect giant mechas among other things. Yep, fencing in a mech. Puella Magi Madoka Magica - You may have heard this title floating around. Yes, it's a magical girl series. But it's often cited as the Neon Genesis Evangelion of genre. I'm used some really dark horror stories, and I really enjoyed this (though because of my preference for dark and gritty stories, it may not have had quite the same shock value in terms of how dark it became). The first two episodes, though hinting at darker things, really are deceptive and seem a bit standard for a magical girl story, and it's episode 3 where all hope gets thrown out the window, and it doesn't help that this series is subject to "anyone can die" type of writing. The soundtrack is dramatic and enchanting at times, and the animation style for the Witches is very interesting to watch. Supernatrual - As in the TV show turned anime. The same studio who created Death Note now brings their version of the first two seasons. Though it's the same plot, due to being handled by a different set of people, it feels a bit different, mostly in how each episode is constructed. There are also new adventures with a much stronger Japanese feel, often facing down various asian monsters. A heavy noir look to the art, and Jared Padalecki reprises his role as Sam Winchester's voice. Certainly gives a new look to the series, at least. Hmm, there are plenty others out there. But these are the first I thought of. (I'll probably come up with more when it's too late, but finding a new series on your own can be just as fun)
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