What makes people decide to become gay?

What makes people decide to become gay? Topic: Gay gene research article
July 17, 2019 / By Vivian
Question: "Same thing that makes people decide to be straight" I didn't have to decide to become a murderer because I knew it was wrong from the first place. Being gay is a choice and it's a sin as well.
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Shanna Shanna | 4 days ago
I came across this article by Anjana Ahuja, The Times, July 12, 2005: In Born Gay, Dr Glenn Wilson, reader in personality at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and Dr Qazi Rahman, a psychobiologist at the University of East London, declare that “the accumulation of evidence from independent laboratories across the world has shown that the biological differences between gay and straight people cannot be ignored . . . our sexual preference is a fundamental and immutable component of our human nature”. Wilson and Rahman’s account goes beyond whether there is a gay gene — there is no single gay gene but genes do contribute — and considers the effect of sex hormones to which foetuses are exposed in the womb. The boldly titled book says the research leaves absolutely no room for parental or societal influence on this intimate trait. Children cannot be seduced or otherwise led into homosexuality — which makes a nonsense of Clause 28, the law banning the promotion of homosexuality — and, however overbearing the mother or absent the father, no amount of poor parenting can waylay a child born to walk the path of heterosexuality. (Note: Clause 28 was brought in by the Thatcher government. It outlawed the promotion of homosexuality. It was repealed under the Blair government.) No serious, evidence-based scientist, they charge, would deny that sexual orientation is fixed at birth. The authors also speculate that we face an evolutionary future in which homosexuals become more prevalent. The genes that are implicated in gayness do not just influence sexual orientation — in low doses, they might confer personality advantages to heterosexual men (such as making them loyal, empathic and considerate), turning them into attractive mates and thus propagating those genes further.
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Oralee Oralee
Do the following web search: brain scan + homosexual You would find, if you read a few of the resultant articles, that being gay is NOT a choice. It is the result of a condition experienced during gestation (i.e. pregnancy). Here's the short answer. You get your physical plumbing from your father's 23rd chromosome, in which he contributes either an X or a Y chromosome. If you get the X, you have female plumbing. If you get the Y, you get male plumbing. HOWEVER... during the time when your mother is pregnant with you, and regardless of the XX or XY combination, your brain develops according to the hormone balance in your mother's womb at the time that brain formation begins. If the external genitals are the plumbing, the brain is the wiring. And if your wiring says you have the brain of a woman, you react like a woman. If your wiring says you have the brain of a man, you react like a man. You don't get to rewire your brain - so it is NOT a choice. Let me ask you this question. Can you choose to be straight? If your answer is ANYTHING other than "no, it is innate" then you are being either silly, needlessly unkind, or outright stupid. Gay/straight is not a choice, but a condition inherent from birth. Let me ask another question. Do you criticize kids born with other conditions at birth? Like cleft palate (hare-lip), spina bifida (deformed spine), or phocomelia (deformed, flipper-like hands or feet)? Do you criticize kids born with a birthmark? If you do, you are so cruel as to be easily dismissed as useless. If you don't, then why must you criticize people born with a less obvious but quite real condition of birth?
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Maidie Maidie
The same thing that makes people decide to be heterosexual. "Being gay is a choice and it's a sin as well." ~ Really? So please tell us, when and how did you choose to be heterosexual? According to your good book, pretty much all human behavior is sin. It says we're all sinners, including you, so why do you single out one specific group of people to judge? How can you prove you knew killing was wrong from the first place? You were born with this were you? Your parents didn't teach you that hurting others was wrong? Being ignorant is a choice, dude. Enjoy.
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Keziah Keziah
Some people do decide to be gay when they were previously straight. Others are born that way. When teenagers my friend told me she thought she wanted a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend. I told her go for it. Now she's in a great relationship with a man. I kissed a girl and liked it.. then a while later kissed a different girl and didn't like it hahaha. Personally I can't see myself being sexually physical with another girl. There are places I just don't wanna put my hands or mouth. On my fiance, totally different story.
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Jaimie Jaimie
People do decide to live a gay life style. It is natural for us to lean toward the opposite sex without any encouragement, but for the other way around for the most part people get molested, lured in, or they stumble over pornography featuring same sex suxal acts and get used to seeing it and get aroused by it and act on the arousal. Most gays do not believe in God because they would prefer to sat that they were born that way and not be accountable that there is someone in authority to say that it is not natural. Years back most gays were in the closet, but now there is this liberation and now most everyone of them want people to know they are gay because people are starting to accept it because of the brave souls who fought for gay rights. There has never been a time where people had to fight for a straigh rights. Useless to say, if they prefer to be gay that is their rights. But don't get offensive and attack others who prefer for you to stay in the closet. God will be the judge of all of us, until then let people be who they choose to be - gay or straight.
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