Applying to programs at Clackamas Community College in Oregon?

Applying to programs at Clackamas Community College in Oregon? Topic: College paperwork
June 25, 2019 / By Tamia
Question: So I know its a little late to apply for a lot of places for the fall term of 2013, so I am desperate. If you have nothing nice to say pllllease go away. I am a high school senior doing a million different things. I didn't apply for community college earlier because I didn't know they had programs. I thought you just signed up for classes. I have taken college credit classes before so thats why I assumed it was that way. I didn't know where to look because I have no one helping me. I was so busy filling out other scholarships and for three other colleges that I just didn't look at the website in time. Is there any possible way into the nursing program after deadline? I am gonna call to find out but its sunday so if anyone knows i need your help. Are there pre-reqs to the nursing program? So would it not matter to me a freshman because I have to take a bunch of classes before the program? Please help Thank You remember please be nice, I know college isn't something people are nice about but I was yelled at for about three hours last night about this so please take it easy. oh yeah and I didn't know I had to pay for college by myself so I was planning on going to George Fox, thats another reason I didn't look into it further. But now I know, and its my fault I missed it. I wanna be a nurse, so please please please help. Also if there are any other places like state schools I can still apply to for pre-nursing I would appreciate knowing. They told me to shoot high so I applied for George Fox, Concordia and SPU. They (high school counselors) told us we could make anything work, but I guess I shot too high.
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Rhetta Rhetta | 9 days ago
Hi Masha. Not to worry - navigating college can be challenging the first time through. First of all, if you are interested in nursing, call our Nursing Department at 503-594-0650. I would suggest that you attend a New Student Advising Session as soon as you can. The New Student Advising Session will cover a lot of the questions that you're asking. Go to the CCC website (www.clackamas.edu) or visit the New Student Advising page at http://www.clackamas.edu/New_Student_Advising.aspx You can also call 503-594-3475. You will also want to get started on your financial aid paperwork right away (if you haven't already done this) Here's the Web page about financial aid http://www.clackamas.edu/cost_and_financial_aid.aspx Your best bet is to contact the Advising Department at 503-594-3475 or attend a New Student Advising Session. My name is Janet and I work in Public Affairs. Feel free to email me at [email protected] Good luck Masha.
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