Anyone who is or has ever been a teenager, please help me! How do you know if a flirty 16 year old likes you?

Anyone who is or has ever been a teenager, please help me! How do you know if a flirty 16 year old likes you? Topic: How to write a love note to your crush
July 17, 2019 / By Tansy
Question: I am a sophmore and he is a junior in a tiny high school. I have had a crush on him since the first time he spoke to me last year. I am painfully shy. I could hardly even talk to him at first, most guys don't try to get me out of my shell, but he chatted me frequently, and now I'm able to have a somewhat decent flirty banter with him, before my cheeks flame and my voice gets stuck in my throat. I still have no idea why he took the extra effort on me. Like, he sometimes gives me compliments, but I am always too stunned to say anything back. And a couple months ago we had a school dance, and he asked me to slow dance with him, and we did(i was brave enough to say yes!), quite close. Much closer than guys usually ever get to me. NOTE: The way I'm talking it sounds like I'm a hideous freak. I just noticed that. I'm not-I promise. I think I look pretty normal, and my friends would even call me pretty(they use the words gorgeous, but i think that's a bit of an exaggeration) Anyway, while we were dancing(so close i could feel his abs on my stomach-does everyone dance that close?)we talked, and teased each other, and many of our friends shot me knowing looks after. I don't know what they knew, maybe they saw how happy i was, and how when we were dancing, i didn't notice anything else that was going on. My friend even acted jealous when i brought it up. No one is ever jealous of me when it has to do with guys (: But he still talks to me every day, and sometimes gives me hugs. Mostly we tease each other. He always makes me laugh, which I love about him. We sat beside each other during an exam a couple weeks ago and he kept passing flirty notes to me. On my formula sheet he even wrote "Emily loves ______" in a heart. First i was like CRAP! he knows! what do i do? But i looked over at him and there was a smile on that cute freckled face. So i guess he just wrote that for fun. I love how we can just talk though. And i know it's probably a long shot since he's a tall, strong, athletic, hilarious, gorgeous, outgoing, amazing person and i'm a shy, silly, dorky, totally un-athletic, cute, artsy girl. But my question is: Maybe, hypothetically, in some world, would he be able to like me? Be honest, but not hurtful. Ty <3
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Best Answers: Anyone who is or has ever been a teenager, please help me! How do you know if a flirty 16 year old likes you?

Riley Riley | 2 days ago
I think this is the cutest reality love story ever <3 i think he definatly likes you. what you want to do now is set him up like he set u up with that note, put him in the hot seat and see what he says, chances are he likes you. alot.
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Mirabel Mirabel
I don't think you are intelligent at all. First of all, I think you are just deluded here, you are just a 16 year old kid and she is a 40 year old married woman, if she messes up your hair that doesn't mean she wants you in bed, it's just something any old woman would do to a kid. You will be ruining your life by sleeping with this woman, and seeing as you consider this, you have no self respect EDIT - So you are okay with a 40 year old flirting with you? You don't find anything wrong with it? Read some of the other answers to this question, is it going into your head now ? From the information you have given, all I can say is that she is being friendly, like any aunt. If she makes any physical contact with you that ends up sexually arousing you then you have all that you need to know, she is flirting. I have read some effed up things on this site recently but this question tops them all. You were desperate enough to ask this question, we are two strangers from the internet, I'm just giving my perspective based on what you have written. :) Also, ask your friends if it's normal for a 40 year old married woman to flirt with a 16 year old. If they say yes, your friends are in the same level as you, by all means get in with her. If anyone finds out about this it will be the end of your reputation, and her marriage. Simple advise, find a girl of your own age. If this 40 year old woman makes any move towards you, then she's a quite clearly a pedophile.
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Lillie Lillie
I don't know... let me think for a second :\ .... yes!!!!! Of course he likes you! You need to get a little more self confidence though - I mean you sound like an awesome girl. I know it may be hard but just think to yourself that maybe you're not the only one who's lucky here. He's lucky to have you too - I mean your not dorky or average or any of those things - no - you're hard to get, and rightly so, the diamond in the rough if you will. And don't worry about being shy - I'd be willing to bet it's one of the things he really likes about you. He's put the ball in your court and it's your serve - go for it!!!
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Kaelee Kaelee
Ah... crushes are exciting aren't they? It sounds to me like he likes you back: 1.) He asked you to dance- he could have asked any girl in the school, but he asked YOU! 2.) Your friends think he likes you- as outside observers, friends have the ability to make a more logical judgment than people who are smitten. So, if they think he likes you, that's a great thing. 3.) He gives you hugs and tries to be funny around you. Again, all signs that he's trying to get closer. 4.) He's trying to figure out who you like. This is your ideal time to make a move! He's giving you lots of attention and clearly thinks you're quite special. Go for it! I wish you the best of luck!
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Gwenda Gwenda
Gurl i think he sooo likes u its amazing i think u 2 are perfect and if u 2 got together itd be the CUH-YOOTEST thing im just like u im shy silly maybe dorky soooo unathletic and artsy and cute but guys always think of me more of a friend u know?like the one to talk about their girl problems like could u ask perla if shell go out with me?do u think sarah likes me? and shitty stuf like that but i think he likes u and this is comeing from the girl who knows when sombody has a crush on sombody i think u should flirt back with him itd be totally cute message me or send me and email or sumthing when u need more help with ur "guy friend" soon to be boyfrined :) good luck! -Zema or Alexis kisses with lipgloss!
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