Do you like this song for a wedding first dance?

Do you like this song for a wedding first dance? Topic: The sister song lyrics
June 16, 2019 / By Gilroy
Question: theme for a dream by cliff richard you are my theme for a dream yes you are a rare and lovely theme the dreams i dream day and night love holding you so tight when i dream i kiss you music fills with starlight everytime i touch you each and everytime a chime rings out i love you only you forever more coz you are my theme for a dream so angel please say that you love me too and make my dreams come true http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km1KlsFo5aQ my sister wants this song for her wedding but mom and me think its too mushy lol. she likes old fashioned stuff like this though...... she's 23, her fiance is 52...he calls her angel and the song has angel in it and suits their personalities but idk... what do you think?
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Doran Doran | 10 days ago
I don't like it, well the words, I don't like the lyrics. Me and my husband decided on "Stay with you" By; John Legend go to the 5th song down, it plays the whole song, have your mom and sister listen too, if possible :) http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/track... If they really love that song, then let them have it, just tell them not to make out on the dance floor while dancing to the mushy mushy...lol
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Brayden Brayden
If they both like it and it means something to both of them, it sounds perfect. If it's mushy, that will just make some people cry. If they didn't get around to crying during the wedding itself, it could be a good catharsis for these guests. ;-)
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