Who makes a good CPU cooler for a mid tower case?

Who makes a good CPU cooler for a mid tower case? Topic: Tower case sizes
July 20, 2019 / By Bambi
Question: right now I have a thermaltake RX R8 and its no better than the stock cooler (the fan burned out). I thought it would be better because its all copper but it sucks. I have a normal temp of 45c under load and even with a better thermal compound it has only gotten a little better like 42c with antec formula 5. I over clock it as well stock its 2.3 but I run it at 2.8. I need something with heat pipes and also the fan size cant be any bigger than 92mm its an AMD socket AM2+
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Xylia Xylia | 1 day ago
If you're referring to a Thermaltake "Silent Boost" RX K8, then you don't have to replace the whole heatsink to improve it. The stock fan on the RX K8 is designed to run at a nearly silent 18 decibels. It can't be moving much air at all. That's the problem. Fortunately, if you remove the stock fan, you'll see the screw hole locations are compatible with any standard 80mm or 92mm fan. (You may already have another fan you could use.) You were right the first time. Copper heatsinks work. Even better, the cooling performance of copper scales in almost direct proportion to the amount of air you pump through them. You just need to find yourself a good medium speed (or adjustable) 92mm fan, and put that on. Sure, it will be louder, but it will probably pump three times more air through that heatsink. It will work like it never did before. Also, you definitely want to make sure your case has decent airflow in general. If air temps inside the case are allowed to climb, then no CPU heatsink will work properly. One way to test that is to take the side panel off (or even point a little fan in there). If the CPU temperature drops significantly when you take the side panel off, then you need to move more air through the case.
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Xylia Originally Answered: Cpu cooler for small case?
I'm building a new pc as we speak and did some price shopping for a cooler. The best DEAL I found is in the OCZ line but they are Ginormously HUGE! TigerDirect has a nice line with great prices and have the dimensions of each one listed. The lowest profile ones are made by Masscool I believe.
Xylia Originally Answered: Cpu cooler for small case?
I doubt you need a new cooler, unless the plastic parts have been bent or broken beyond repair. Probably, you just need to remove your cooler, straighten out all the plastic parts, and lock it into place properly. Aftermarket coolers falls into two categories. There are those that still use the same attach mechanism that Intel uses and those that use a different attach mechanism. If you get a cooler with a different attach mechanism, you will need to remove your motherboard to install the attach mechanism. The E6750, if not overclocked, has a maximum power draw of 65W. Almost every Core 2 Duo cooler on the market can handle 65W with no problem. You don't need anything crazy or expensive. (Though if you plan to overclock, pick a cooler based on comparisons of temperature measurements.) The coolers I linked first and second would be excellent small coolers that you could install without removing your motherboard. The last one is a higher-end cooler that will require removing your motherboard (but mounts very solidly). These are not intended as either product or supplier recommendations, just examples of what your options are. Note that if you are not 100% sure you know how to get the heat sink attach correct, you may really want to let someone more experienced do the installation. This is especially true if you get a heat sink that requires motherboard removal to install. Personally, I very much dislike the current Intel standard attach mechanism with those four horrible posts and plastic pins. I would much have preferred an Intel-standard backplate leaving four screw holes that the HSF could connect to.

Shayla Shayla
well zalman, cooler master, thermaltake, and scythe are some of big name brands - but the antec formula 5 is definately not the best - get artic silver 5 and some other high end ones are the way to go - but that will only make a diff of a couple of degrees. Shining and buffing the heatsink surface is something else which can help - but only a little. goto either tomshardware.com or newegg.com and look at reviews for cpu heatsink fans for your socket - depending on what CPU socket you have - the best right now is the zalman 9900 - its the only one better than my DuoOrb
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Patience Patience
Hey! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186134&Tpk=arctic%207%20cooler%20freezer%20pro By far the best heatsink for the LGA 775 socket. Small and compact, but cools my overclocked Q6600 fantastically (temps never go above 50C under load). I tried a thermaltake cooler aswell as the stock one and they both cooled poorly. Read some of the reviews about it, the Arctic 7 is by far the best cooler around.
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Can you be clearer please? usually the cord from the power button goes into the motherboard any other cords from the front panel are usually for features like usb/firewire/memory card reader, they also o to the motherboard. The best thing to do is the see your motherboard manual and case manual for hints on what goes where

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