Conventional family vs unconventional and creative life goals, trying to hold onto both, balance my happiness?

Conventional family vs unconventional and creative life goals, trying to hold onto both, balance my happiness? Topic: It is well with my soul the sisters
June 16, 2019 / By Steph
Question: So, I have this adorable and awkward family. Like many adult children I've reconciled many of the weaknesses of my family as well as their strengths and I've opened myself to how I've been influenced by my home. I'm a creative. I'm a driven, one-track minded creative with ambition to spare. I've always been one. I have this fantastic creative project that I'm bent on pursuing and completing (it'll take maybe a year.) The project is about my family and it's for my family. (But I swear the idea is not vain and boring...I actually have a really creative project planned.) But my family doesn't know about my plans and I haven't planned on tellin em because my parents are fairly conservative and they want their children to pursue careers with more job security. Of course, me being the oldest child I desire independence, but it has become clear to me that my younger brother and sister are more content to live placating their parents than maybe I am. THE ISSUE IS that sometimes I get the vibe that my family is saddened or bewildered (or even harmed) by the fact that I seem more interested in creative pursuits, following my ambition, and committing to mysterious and lofty long-term artistic goals than in slotting into place in my family's conventional order. My parents would have me pursuing a professional career that had little to do with my own creative pursuits or going back to school to get my Master's (I do have a Bachelor's degree but at present I'm not making any use of it.) I DO have plans to go back to school and attain my Master’s but I am certain that I’d like to commit to my artistic goal first having spent much of my undergraduate years desperate to get started but never having the space or time. I mean... what do I do? While I try to remain realistic and not get ahead of myself, if I can market my project with skill and if my project truly has legs, then I can make good money and find financial security down the line simply for sticking with goals. Creativity in my projects is great self-expression for me. As I grow older and come to understand more about life, myself, and my family, my artistic vision evolves and gets deeper. I have spent years counseling myself trying to determine if following this goal is worth it or not. Honestly, it always seems to me that nothing could be more satisfying for me than to complete this project and be able to present it to my family. So... what do I do in the meantime while my family members have no clue what I want to do with my life and who frankly may believe I've lost it and am wasting my potential by doing 'nothing'. How do I show my family that I've got a great thing going on that I'm confident and happy about. And more importantly, how do I show that I'm of sound enough mind to commit to this project even if somewhere down the line it turns out to bear no fruit. The only reason this is so hard for me is that my family have always held the utmost expectations for me. I'd like to deliver for them by making my next creative project all about them... I just don't know if I have their assurance or understanding. In fact, I'm fairly sure that they all misunderstand and are worried for me. I'm worried... what do I do? Do I need to change my perspective? Do I need to sit down and have a serious conversation with my family? Do I take action to show them that I can be trusted with my own life even when my creative projects may seem lofty and extremely unconventional? I just need your thoughts. Appreciated.
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Queena Queena | 4 days ago
I think I really understand where you are coming from. I'm the oldest in my family and I've always been the creative ones. My grandparents wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor. When I told them I was going into performing arts they told me that I was wasting my brain and talent. I listened to them but at the same time listened to my heart. I continued doing what my passion was. I know that God gave me this passion so I could do something with it. My grandparents finally came around and now they, as I say, causiously support me. I think your family will come around as well but in the meantime, continue to be respectful to your family and know that they are doing this because they love you and they think they are doing what is best for you. As kids, parents usually know what's best for their kids more than the kids do but as we grow up, we begin to know ourselves better. You know yourself better than anyone. Listen to others but more importantly listen to your heart that will give you passion. Passion is life for the soul and the soul is nothing without passion.
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