How can I end the reception so we can pack up?

How can I end the reception so we can pack up? Topic: How to write a wedding invitation
July 16, 2019 / By Beta
Question: we are having a morning wedding and a bbq lunch for the reception. we want to reception to finish around 2-3pm. how do I "end" the reception as after the reception we will pack up the venue and hand the keys back that day. I don't want to just start packing up while people are there as I don't want them to think they have to help, and I don't want it to drag out waiting hours for everyone to slowly filter our. the groom and I will help with the pack down so we won't do us exiting for the honeymoon as a hint that is all done. do I just put a on the invitations "reception 11am-2pm" and wait for people yup leave so we can clean up?
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Agatha Agatha | 8 days ago
You can certainly write "Reception from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m." on the invitations. However, many people will not want to leave before you and your husband leave. I ran into this issue at my wedding -- I thought it would be rude to leave while so many guests were still around, but we kind of wanted to get on the road. Many of the guests were waiting for us to leave, and my aunt finally came and told me so. So we kind of awkwardly got in the car and left. But my family took responsibility for cleaning up. And we were at a private garden/park where the caretakers took care of it. You could also do what my sister-in-law and brother-in-law did. They had a great exit with bubbles blown, and drove away. They went to their apartment, and about a half hour later called the church to see how things were going. When her sister said most of the guests were gone, they came back in jeans and cleaned up. I was, in fact, shocked that right after being all dressed up, her sisters, dad, stepmom, etc. were cleaning, and that in fact I was being drafted into cleaning up. Had I known in advance, I was happy to help. And I was family. But it would have been nice to plan somewhere for our tired young children to be, and I guess I just thought when you're the bride, things magically clean themselves. I made no plan whatsoever for our venue to be cleaned up and put away, though again, I believe our rental of it paid the caretakers to do some of it, and the rental places were to pick up the chairs, tables, fountain, lectern, etc. Now I wonder how long my dad and aunts were there. Pretty sure my in-laws didn't stay to help them.
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Tibby Tibby
Do some 'ground work' ahead of time. Recruit some of your family and some of his to help. Leave the reception about 1:30 ... no one really expects the bride and groom to stay for the whole thing. Some of your recruits can begin to make moves around 2:00 to get ready to go, leaving another couple of them at the reception hall to make sure people are leaving. Like your other poster said, you and your new hubby can go somewhere and get changed into comfortable clothes and go back to help with the clean up.
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Rafe Rafe
i think of you should enable the tip time be commonly used so as that way at then end it wont be a project to get anybody to pass away. or you should arise with an theory to enable them to be attentive to its time to pass away, as quickly because it fairly is. in case you additionally are leaving on the tip time and arent doing any cleansing up which I think of you wont be on you enormous night. you should assert at 11:20 nicely thank you excited by coming this night has been stunning and that i'm getting excitement from each thing. blah blah what ever you like. you should even end which you and your new got here upon hubby is going to retire for the night and that they dont ought to pass residing house yet they do ought to get the hell out of there ( as a shaggy dog tale to lighten to temper ) or according to threat you should announce at 11:10 or w.e time you think of could be suitable. ( nicely the DJ ought to announce it ) that for the time of the previous it ends you and your hubby is approximately to have the final dance and that on my own will enable anybody no which you and the husbands final dance potential that the reception is over. i'm hoping this has helped and congrats hun
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Markus Markus
Are you having a DJ? If so, enlist his help. At a certain time, he could make an announcement along the lines of "As I play this last song of the day, I wanted to let you know that John and Mary thank you for sharing the joy of their wedding. At the conclusion, please make sure you have all of your belongings. And don't forget to stop at the table by the exit and pick up your wedding souvenir. Its been a pleasure entertaining you. Have a wonderful rest of the day and a safe trip home!"
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Jerold Jerold
You can put it on your invitations, but you could still have a traditional send-off, grab a quick drink with your new husband (or whatever it is you would like to do) and then come back to pack up.
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