Well i just need a bit of advice?

Well i just need a bit of advice? Topic: Character sheet for writing a story
June 25, 2019 / By Finbar
Question: well im planning on writing a book im 14 and im gunna take it slow ive had this idea for about 4 years and it jsut wont go away so im thinking its time to get into it prpoerly.I really want to write this book but i dont really knwo how to go about it how do i start .Do i start by brainstorming ideas or something im really stuck ive got all these ideas in my head and i cant seem to get the on paper or my laptop screen?.could someone jsut got through the steps with me like a draft then a second draft and stuff liek that im really stuck ? thankyou for reading x
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Dannie Dannie | 6 days ago
You start by planning. Plan your characters, plan your plot, plan your species. Use the character development sheets you can find online to get to know your characters. Do a chapter by chapter plan. Then put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) and begin to write. I can't give you a start because you wouldn't credit me. You can only write it for yourself. If you are writing a fantasy story in a different universe, then use http://larseighner.com/world_builder/ind... to help you craft your world. You need to know everything about them; daily lives, drugs, if there's any magic and if there is, the laws of magic etc. Don't worry about your second draft until you've written the first.
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Aymery Aymery
Well in the story i began writing, i didn't even start to write until i had write a plan - Mine was set in an alternate world, so i needed a name for the planet - Then i wrote down how many countries there were - Next i wrote down what countries would be mentioned and gave a small description of such as are they rich or poor, military security, customs, anything really. I also did character profiles - Name, Age etc - Apearence, use words that you come up and put them in the plan so you don't forget when you begin to write - Personality, happy, sad, brave, how do they progress? - Unusual traits - crack knuckles, tattos, do they do something when happy or scared? - You could also do relationship with other characters Then i did a rough chapter summary - say the main points in the chapter and any minor details that may be a key for the reader to pick up which will be revealed in the next chapter GOOD LUCK
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Vonnie Vonnie
Plan, plan, plan. Plan your characters, their personalities, looks, names, etc. You need to know absolutely everything. Write it down, otherwise you're not going to remember a detail like Mary had a dog 5 years ago that dies from cancer. You will screw up little mistakes. Remember, a book will never be perfect on your first try. You are going to need to edit. There are also books that help you, I am using one right now. Hope I helped!
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Shantae Shantae
sit down and write a list of things you want in your story ex: ninjas, wolves, icecream, castles bla bla bla bla then decide on your characters and give them personalities and backgrounds then take out note cards and IN ORDER write the major events in the story you think should happen(its like the skeleton of the story) then give your story the flesh and blood and fill in the gaps. (rough draft) proof read it, check for grammer mistakes and decide on better discriptive words and phrases. And change things in order for it to be more smooth and flowing(easy to read and make sense)
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Shantae Originally Answered: I want to publish my book when I'm done with it. Any advice(HONEST advice)?
I'm 13 years old and i'm from a small town too. Very small. And I think if your work is good then yes there is a very good chance you'll get published you just have to believe in yourself and never give up. I'm a writer and talking from experience you might just stop writing this book because of writers block or something, if that happens write a new story with the same concept I hope this helped :) And I don't have friends in publishing either, But at 13 I don't think anyone will publish us yet but just keep writing and hey can I read your story? What's it about?

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