I dont know what religion I am. what religion am I?

I dont know what religion I am. what religion am I? Topic: The sister challenge part 4
June 16, 2019 / By Karen
Question: I follow the dogma of judeism for the most part. but I feel like my soul was created through some blood thirsty lustfull violent mating ritual between a goblin and some form of badger. I also eat bacon wrapped scallops on a daily basis. I have recently considered converting to catholicism. do they beleive that the unholly cross breeding of goblins and badgers created humanity? if not who does?
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Hanny Hanny | 7 days ago
ISLAM: The Fastest Growing Religion In The World (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TizG7EZVKLE) Answer of one who has become Muslim to the question “Why did you become Muslim”? http://www.islamqa.com/en/ref/103524 How do we know Islam is the truth? It is the only religion that: 1- Hold Allah as One, Unique, and Perfect. 2- A lonly worship of Allah, not Jesus, not an idol, and not an angel only Allah. 3- The Quran does not contain contradictions. 4- The Quran contains scientific facts, which are 1300 years ahead of their time. The Quran while revealed 1400 years ago contains scientific facts, which are only now being discovered. It is not in contradiction to science. 5- Allah challenges the world to produce the like of the Quran. And He says they won't be able to. 6- Prophet Mohammed was the most influential man in History. Even a non-Muslim wrote a book called the 100 most influential men in History, and Prophet Mohammed was #1. Prophet Jesus was #3. Note even Prophet Jesus was a prophet sent by Allah. Would Allah allow a false prophet to be so successful? No. Even the Bible says this in Deuteronomy 18:19. A false prophet would die!!! Yet Prophet Mohammed did not die till he completely conveyed, and taught Allah's religion. 7- He had many prophecies, and all of his prophecies have come true, or are still coming true. Most importantly is this: Allah created us, and we know that we should only worship Him. This is an instinct Allah has created us with. He did not just leave us, rather He sent prophets for us. These prophets had miracles as proof. The miracle for us today is the Quran. There is no other religion that worships only Allah, and believes in Him as totally perfect, and believes in all of His prophets, and scriptures. Can anyone become a Muslim? Yes anyone can. There are two declarations, which are necessary: 1- To bear witness that no one deserves to be worship except Allah 2- To bear witness that Prophet Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah. This makes a person Muslim. But it should be said in Arabic. Next a person takes a shower, and He/She is a Muslim. Then What? After a person becomes Muslim he/she is taught about Prayers, Fasting, the Poor due, Pilgrimage. These are pillars of Islam. Then What? Muslims are brothers. A Muslim should love for his brother what he loves for himself. Allah's wealth does not run out, and Allah can provide for us all. We pray for each other, and love each other, and love for our brothers and sisters what we love for ourselves.
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Hanny Originally Answered: Why did patriarchal religion pervade modern society where neither matriarchal nor matrifocal religion did not?
You ask too many questions in one question and I'm no expert so I answered what interested me after I thought about it a bit. To the first question, probably simply because imposed by brute force, but whether there was an ideology that developed that made the imposition of brute force the "right" thing to do, and if there was, what caused it develop is something I have no thought of at the moment. Well, I suppose I may have seen it suggested that the development of horsemanship and better weapons, which made it possible for men to go out among their neighbors and do mischief, had something to do with it, but as I said, it's nothing I've thought about. But it seems to me that virtually all patriarchal religions and societies are eventually re-exposed to matriarchal influences because the natural order of things is matriarchy. The mother bears the family and is primarily responsible for rearing it; always has been, probably always will be. By extension, everyone owes allegiance to either a mother or a mother figure, hence everyone in society is or has been subject to either their natural mother or a female figure who served in her place, and it was their first allegiance. Thus the emergence of Mary in christianity as the mother of god. God being god, it would seem that he would not have to be born of a woman to incarnate himself- he could create himself as human as he created Adam. But he didn't. He chose to be born of a woman, so we're told. This is a tacit recognition of the fact that all men are born of woman, and that combined with the fact that Joseph was not Jesus' father is also tacit recognition of patriarchy's Achilles' tendon. Patriarchy is unnatural. A good example is Athena springing from the head of Zeus. Babies aren't born from a father's brain, ideas are. Of course, there's the other take on that, that Zeus swallowed one of his lovers, and she bore his child inside him. Lends itself to another interpretation, I suppose, fairly obvious. There is usually little question as to who is the mother of a child. It is not the same with the father. Even in the case of institutionalized pairings such as marriage, the identity of the father of a child is open to question. Hence, the natural head of the family is the mother and the family consists of her children and her relatives in her female line- there is no question that these people are related. Requiring the father to be the head of the family leads to all kinds of safeguards and watchdog measures to strengthen the father's hand and to ensure that he is in fact the genetic father of his family and in response to your question I personally speculate that that may be the source for the creation of many institutions. Just speculation. No desire to think about it further, frankly. One more random thought. I recall reading a passage by a particular archeologist in which he pointed out that ideology and ecology are often completely divorced from each other and that we cannot prove that that has not either long been the case or always been the case. One other random thought. It's nothing I've ever read about or thought about, but I wouldn't think that animism would likely lead to patriarchy, since patriarchy often leads to the belief that nothing has a soul but man, oftentimes even excluding women. I'd think it more likely that patriarchy is in opposition to animism as it is in opposition to matriarchy. The early Greeks had at least some animistic beliefs but it seems they most often involved female deities that were probably taken in from the old goddess-worship and these beliefs were being shed by the later Greeks. ]End of random thinking.

Dolly Dolly
Clearly, you're a member of the Huffledorian Magi, who share exactly those beliefs. Not to be confused with the Morpuffish Brotherhood, who have similar beliefs but would never eat pork and seafood at the one sitting. Not for religious reasons as much as they think it's tacky.
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Carolyn Carolyn
These questions seem to crop up without noice. Bacon and Scallops together are a true delight. Yum yes yum. Oh
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Angelina Angelina
i don't likely say "i've got confidence in this" or "i don't have confidence in that", yet i think of that there is extra to life than in basic terms being born, latest for 70 years, and the shortcoming of life and being long previous continuously. all of us have a objective. The specifics of that objective, the place it comes from, why it truly is there? I have not got any thought.
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Will Will
I'm in a similar situation. It's more like a multiple choice question. I'd say depending on where you live, choose the religion that is accepted by most i.e. catholicism in the USA. go to a church and don't look back, keep following till you see your life change for the better, it will happen.
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Scotty Scotty
If you choose to believe in whatever God says, not man, you are a Christian because that means if God says Christ is the way you won't hesitate to follow.
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Scotty Originally Answered: Muslims, Do you still think that your religion is the religion of peace?
If Islam is such a “religion of peace,” why do they have to keep reminding us? Nobody’s running around saying “Christianity is a religion of peace” or “buddhism is a religion of peace” – because neither proposition is in doubt. If Islam is so gentle and kindly, why does it have such appeal for the most savage and sadistic element in our society – those filled with resentment and rage, who like to hurt people (a lot)? People of all religions or no religion are capable of hatred and violence, but whilst the core teaching of Christ or Buddha or Hinduism is peaceful and aimed towards all mankind it is not the case with the quran. The teachings are only meant for muslims. If there are any morals and virtues to be found it is only towards other muslims and not mankind. There is nothing in the quran for non muslims except threats, hatred and violence. It has only one goal : convert everyone to islam. This is islam in action, the terrorists have mostly studied in the most famous madarassas and universities in the islamic world, they use their prophet as a role model, their mentors are some of the most popular islamic preachers. They proudly recite verses from the quran justifying their actions followed by chest thumping "Allah hu Akbar" just before they attack. So please tell me why this has nothing to do with islam ? If you hear about a hijacking, suicide bombing, sniper attack or the beheading of a hostage anywhere in the world, your first reaction is: a Muslim did it. Why? Because 9 times out of 10 a Muslim did do it.

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