What to pack for a trip to maui, hawaii?

What to pack for a trip to maui, hawaii? Topic: Case sweatshirts
July 17, 2019 / By Ria
Question: sweatpants and sweatshirts for night? water shoes? etc. anything that is unexpected that would be good to take?
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Millie Millie | 5 days ago
Hey, welcome to Hawaii, ok? Ok, so you coming to Maui, and you wanna know what to bring, yeah? So, for sure bring swim suit, t's, and Tennis shoe, plus sandal, sweat pants and shirt good idea, specially if you gonna be onna water at nite, like cruise, or onna ferry, also for cover up if got too much sun, of course bring any rx meds you need, and contact stuff if you got those, also for sure bring at least one nice going out set of cloths, like long pants, with collar shirt, and close top shoe, you neva know wen you gonna wanna go out to nice place, like maybe Ruth's Chris in Lahaina, ok? :otta people I know who come to visit only bring carry on, and cloths they got on they back, just buy t-shirt/shorts to wear while hea and ship laundry back home UPS, but if you gonna check in n e way, for sure bring plenty of thing to wear, ok? Now, notta bad idea to bring lite windbreaker specially if you got one that water resistant case it get little wet or rainy, and if you go up to top of Haleakala for Sunrise or Sunset, you gonna want sweat shirt/sweat pants AND the wind breaker, again depending on what time of the yea you come ova, ok? Hope this help, peace and aloha to you!
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Millie Originally Answered: Help me on my trip to hawaii?
Given your age and interests, absolutely Oahu is where the action is at. It has a little bit of each of the islands (except of course the Big Island which has an active volcano!). More specifically, you will want the excitement of Waikiki if you want to see a lot of other young people from around the world. Some of the other resorts off Waikiki cater to older people. That rules out the Kahala Resort, Turtle Bay and some others. I don't think you will enjoy KoOlina which is far from the excitement of town. I belong to CostCo, looked at the available hotels. The cheapest Waikiki hotel rate listed, Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel is a decent hotel; not a luxury hotel, but clean and in a great part of Waikiki. The staff is nice. Note that all hotels in this part of Waikiki are directly across the street (Kalakaua Ave) from the beach and not right on it, but it really doesn't matter much. You will have more fun on this side of Waikiki, near the International Marketplace and a lot of surfing rentals, the zoo, aquarium, and Kapiolani Park. If you can afford it, the Moana Surfrider is a cool historic hotel, the last one directly on the beach in this area. If you want to be in a self-contained mega-resort, then I like the Hilton Hawaiian Village, but this is on the opposite end of Waikiki. The Waikiki Sheraton is in a string of hotels owned by Sheraton right on the beach in the middle of Waikiki, but I don't think it is designed as well as the Hilton, and always seems congested to me. Absolutely rent a car so you can drive around the island, go to North Shore to visit the surfing town of Haleiwa, see Sunset Beach, go to different snorkeling places (Hanauma Bay, Shark's Cove), different isolated beachs (Kailua, Lanikai), go hiking (Manoa Falls), sightseeing (Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, Polynesian Cultural Center) and so forth. Oahu should be your first island, but why not visit more than one island? Unless you expect to sit on the beach all day, I would think you will be bored after 4-5 days on any island, so if you are staying more than a week, absolutely consider jumping to another one. Cost will be about $80-$100 extra per person for this luxury, but worth it if you can swing it. Remember rental car rates will be slightly more as a daily rate vs. a weekly rate however. If you want the perfect American (less international) tropical resort away from urban environment, go to Maui. They have a new cool activity call the "zipline" there where you jump off cliffs on a line, you can drive the windy cliff road through the jungle to Hana, snorkel with sea turtles, ride a bike downhill down a volcano. If you want isolation and the "beauty of the South Seas" that is Kauai, but don't go here if you are easily bored. If you want the most exotic island, that is the Big Island, but it is immense, and driving distances are far, so you have to like to drive. The up side is seeing an active volcano, swimming with Manta Rays, walking through a tree fern forest, hiking Akaka Falls near Hilo. The negative is that the island is too new to have much coral and lagoons, so there are very few beaches here! Have fun!
Millie Originally Answered: Help me on my trip to hawaii?
Depends on what you want to do. Oahu is a fun island but has the crowds/traffic thought you need to be mindful of when planning your trip. The rest of the islands are more country then anything else but with less of the amenities that Oahu has, so it is somewhat of a trade off between the two. Oahu with civilization and a lot of tourist stuff to do or less of the civilization with still a lot of tourist stuff to do. We like to recommend if this is your first trip to Hawaii then stay on Oahu and plan a day trip to another island to see what it is all about and in order to see the contrast between them. When you come back and visit us again you can narrow down exactly where you would like to go. Hope this helps. Just another local.... www.hawaii-vacation-adventures-oahu.co...
Millie Originally Answered: Help me on my trip to hawaii?
Well, I have been twice, and I am 16 too, I just got back from Oahu this past summer. It was a blast! I have been to Maui and loved it too, but it depends on what type of vacation you want. If you want to explore the largely populated island of Oahu and explore its fun places, I recommend it. But if you want a more relaxed and down vacation, then go to Maui or Big Island. There's alot to do on any island, just depends if you want a city or calm island feel.

Lilian Lilian
Plenty of shorts and Tshirts and cotton underwear. You won't need sweatpants or sweatshirts unless you plan to spend a lot of time up-country. Also take lots of sunscreen and lots of money.
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Lilian Originally Answered: What to pack for a six week trip? HELP?
***WAY TOO MUCH.*** Set out everything you listed and subtract 2/3 of it. Take at the very most 3 pair of shoes; you will wear one (dressy flats) on the plane, so you will pack 2 pair (maybe one sandal and one pair athletic or walking shoes.) If he does laundry every week you need 5 or 6 tops at the most, 2 shorts, 2 skirts, 2 dresses. 2 bathing suits is plenty. Maybe one pair jeans and one sweater or hoodie. A weeks worth of underwear, and travel size toiletries: you can purchase full size when you get there. I have traveled for months with far less than this!
Lilian Originally Answered: What to pack for a six week trip? HELP?
That is far to much. You know you can wash each week so only take enough clothes for a week or 2 . 8 pair of shorts is rather extreme cut that to 4 pair 3 or 4 skirts is plenty. Wow 19 tops that is over the top. Cut that by half . 2 bathing suits is ample. 2 pair of shoes 2 sandals 1 flip flops 3 pjs . If you are flying you will need to weigh your case and be sure it's not over weight

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