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June 25, 2019 / By Carlota
Question: I am a senior in high school. I am shy, good-looking, but look pretty young for my age (i look like a junior or sophomore). I am a very kind person, but I don't initiate conversations very often. Over the past 3 months I have had at least 5 situations that i failed at. What do I need to do in the future? Here is the five situations 1. Over break i was at an amusement park and while i was waiting in line to get on a ride ride these two nice girls started talking to me when i was with my friend. the conversation lasted only a minute and then i got on the ride. After the ride was over they were standing there outside the ride exit and I was gonna say something, but I chickened out and kept walking. Then I regretted not saying anything. But 40 minutes later I saw them sitting on the side waiting for a parade to start. There was no one sitting next to them and my friend and i was tired. So we went over to sit next to them and I said whats up guys. Then I asked asked them a bunch of questions and when the parade started the girl I liked just walked away. I thought she was going to come back, but then a minute later, her friend got up and left as well. Neither of them returned. 2 At a hotel basketball court I played basketball with a bunch of high school kids that looked a lot older (they looked like college guys). A bunch of girls watched from the side and after a while I left to go to the pool to sit with my parents because it was getting a little weird playing with those guys. (plus it was getting late). A couple girls came to the pool area a minute later and were whispering and giggling. They were looking at me from a short distance and I just looked away. My dad was right next to me and it was awkward. My dad said it was time to go because we had to get up early in the morning. So when I left the pool area I passed the girls and didn't say anything to them. 3. At school during lunch I catch this attractive girl looking at me occasionally from the table across from me. Then she catches me looking at her occassionally. I don't know who she is, but I think she is in a lower grade. This eye contact war has been going on for like 4 months now. I haven't said one word to her this entire year. 4. In one of my classes that I started 2 months ago, there is this pretty girl in my class that occassionally will look at me, but then look away. Then at the end of every class for the last month she puts her books next to my desk and then walks out of the room. I don;t know what she is trying to do so I just walk out everyday and don't say anything. I want to say something to her, but I am confused. Does she like me or am I imagening it? 5. In my music class I sit next to this shy girl. She seems to have a lot in common, but I sit next to my good friend (he sits to my left side) and I talk to him the entire class and never speak to the girl that sits to the right of me.
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Aneta Aneta | 2 days ago
1. There's nothing you can really do as you did end up talking. They might've felt offended that you walked past them and then felt bold enough to come back later. Maybe if you had been more personable, they'd have stayed or they might've had to do something or go do something else. They might have also wanted to get a better look at the parade. Next time, if such a situation occurs, if you notice girls waiting for you, just talk to them. Don't always ask questions, ask some and tell some information. Seem personable so that they will want to continue talking and getting to know you. 2. ln that situation, there is really nothing you can do. Most people don't just go up to random girls and flirt unless you're bold, plus being with your parents makes it worse. It's nothing you should really do different as you didn't know them and you don't always have to go talk and flirt with every girl that looks at you. 3. Again, you don't want to jump to conclusions because you all are constantly looking at each other. Why not, if you're curious, just go over to her one lunch period and say hello. As you all talk and learn more about each other, you can start to figure out if she's liking you or not. Sometimes situations like this will go on for a while before someone makes a move, so if you're really curious, why not allow it to be you? 4. It's possible this is her signal of liking you, but it's a weird way of showing it. Why not find out by taking her books out to her and hand them to her. Start small talk with her and find out if there is something there. Should it be, you need to make sure you are not leading girls on. Just become friends with them, not a "player" per se. 5. Why not spend a class period talking to her one period. Instead of talking all the time to your friend, turn to her and say hello. Find out more about her love for music and other things. Just becoming friends with her will probably make her feel happy, especially if she's shy. It just sounds as though you need to go out of your comfort zone and talk to people you don't know, including girls. You don't have to talk to ever girl that walks by, but for those you know, just talk to them and get to know them. Hope this helps.
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- you make an enourmeous ammount of money as a commercial pilot -higher chance you will die in millitary -doctors (depending on specialty) really have no time to be flying around the world, the more time required to work the more the pay the less the time off, visa versa. -pilot is extremely competative, more and more its becoming that commercial airline companies (the only ones that pay well) are prefering airforce expierience as a pilot as oppsed to flight school from the private sector sorry for listing all the bad things, but better to know now than later in life. if you really want to travel, i think go around the world, airforce would be the best option a. satisfaction from serving b. okay pay c. millitary expierience looks amazing on job applications in case you decide to choose a new path. however, in the airforce you dont necesarily get to choose WHERE you get to fly, hell you could get stationed out on the falkland islands if your luck is bad. you dont really get to choose. maybe you should consider working for the state department in the foriegn service, however you must have strong crudentials such as masters' and PhDs Good luck! and you've still got some time left to think about it so dont jump to a conclusion to soon. what i've learned is (im a hs student as well, junior) highshool is a place to expierience all different subjects of life, seeing as your a freshmen you have only had the opportunity to expierience around 6 classes/subjects, who knows maybe youll get hooked on poetry (doubt it lol but maybe other subjects) you only get out of life what you put into it.
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i have by no means heard of this internet site. i checked out this question just a little bit in the past and made up our minds to take a look at it. i simply completed sending myself an e mail. i have no idea why i did not reply this question while i noticed it the primary time. haha, oh good. I wrote random stuff and a few questions. i could not even inform you part of it now, i cannot don't forget. i positioned it to ship August twenty sixth, 2010 to look what has modified in the following couple of months. i would don't forget the matters which might be occurring proper now bigger sooner or later. i plan to write down to myself once more while i obtain it answering the questions i requested this time and sending new questions and inform myself matters which might be going down at the moment. i kinda like this thought, haha. thanks for displaying this internet site!
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I want you to look up the tuition cost for a university near you. Now look up the tuition cost for a community college near you. You might see there's a big difference in price. I'd say call your local community college and ask them if you're old enough to take a class during the summer. They probably have a huge catalog of classes online, so you'll be able to pick something you're interested in and want to learn more about. After you take the class, you'll know more as to whether or not a job in that field would suit you. It's a lot cheaper to figure out what you're interested in now then when you're in university. But please don't stress. You have options available to figure this out. Like I said before, there should be summer classes at your community college, but there are also career assessment tests you can take online.

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