I need a good security camera can someone offer some advice plz?

I need a good security camera can someone offer some advice plz? Topic: Use case software development
June 25, 2019 / By Nannie
Question: I recently evicted a few tenants from my apartment building. i have had some break ins and such and would now like to install some security cameras. I would like something that has the capabilities to record at night. I saw some that are wireless you can plug something into the usb port of the computer and then you can see the cameras on the screen. I would like something like that does anyone have any idea where to buy that and how much they would cost? I saw them on ebay but am a little weary about shopping on there. I would like a camera that is small enough to easily be hidden.
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Best Answers: I need a good security camera can someone offer some advice plz?

Lorin Lorin | 3 days ago
Hello Not all CCTV equipment is created equal, in fact there are many options that offer varying performance much like the automobile industry. In the world of CCTV you can find the equivalent of a $2,000 golf cart and a $350,000 Ferrari and everything in between. Both have 4 wheels and windshield but that where the similarities end, it’s under the hood that counts. Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you pay for. Most retailers and sellers make about a 40-80% profit margin, this is after costs like shipping and overhead. That means when you buy a product that costs $100.00 the manufacturer usually has only spent $30 to build it which simply means it’s not a good product and will probably have a working life of about 2 months. There is a reason these products are 1/10 of the price of good and reliable DVR brand names. The type of seller these products attract are online sellers (ebay) and will make profits margins as low as 2% which means they can’t afford to offer good service or allow for RMAs (returns). Cheap products are like disposable razors they are NOT designed to last for a long time and you will end up replacing them every 2 months. Now some products can be made cheaply like ipod cases, screen protectors, and other simple products with no moving parts or electronics. DVRs need to be good quality as they run 24/7 (20X more than the average electronic device) and process anywhere from 30-480 frames per second which in a year is over 15 billion images, and a good DVR should last 3-5 years. A true DVR requires years of research and development to facilitate the seamless integration of both the hardware and software. DVRs are highly complex systems that must run 24/7, processing millions of images per day and are one of the few products that can’t be made both well and cheaply. Cheap and inexpensive products like Q-see, Swan, Lorex, and other low grade DVR’s sold by Tiger Direct, Newegg, Sams Club, are not used by security professionals and should only be used by hobbyists. Wireless cameras are one of the worst thing any one can do as fart as security goes. All wireless cameras under $500 (per camera) will either use 1.2 2.4 or 5GHZ and send Unencrypted video to the receiver. This means anyone with a laptop and a brain can use your cameras to spy on you and know when a good time to break in is or to spy on you. They also can be blocked with jammers you can by in ebay for 10 bucks. If wireless was safe easy and effective there would be no wired cameras the fact is there is wired cameras because wireless is not reliable, safe or affective. There are a few good wireless option for CCTV cameras but they can run anywhere from $500~5000 USD. http://www.videotransmitters.com/ (good wireless) Also as far as night vision or IR cameras go most do not give good images in the dark. Many companies claim good night vision but there are only a handful of brands who give night vision over 30 feet out doors. normally if a cameras is rated 150 feet of IR it will give you ok images at 30 feet at night and good images at about 20. Some good CCTV brands that I recommend are Bosch, Pelco, Honeywell and Ascendent. http://www.ascendentgroup.com (Great IR cameras) www.honeywell.com www.pelco.com/ http://www.bosch.com Two good economical DVRs I would recommend are Ascendent's AVP-4120 DVR or Pelco's DX-400. They will allow you to view all your cameras instantly from anywhere in the world using either IE, or a client software. The AVP-4120 uses the latest H.264 codec to improve streaming and recording time, and will allow PCs and Apple computers to remotely view cameras. These are the DVRs I would recommend that are good quality and affordable. Hope this Helps, If you need anything else feel free to email me at [email protected]
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ha wow, thats a long descriptive answer above! im just letting you know i found this website that sells some pretty cheap, take a look http://www.thewiiplace.com/products/display/2878/security%20cameras hope this helped!
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