What makes a good sister? Should i break contact with my brother?

What makes a good sister? Should i break contact with my brother? Topic: Sorry with the sisters
July 20, 2019 / By Jera
Question: Males and females can answer this. I'm a 15 year old girl with a 20 year old brother ( he's my only sibling ) I can't help feeling like i've been a bad sister to him. He's always been nice to me and since the day i was born he's been there for me throughout everything. Basically, he's the best brother anyone could have. Sometimes i think that he shouldn't be my brother because he deserves so much better. My mum should have had another child after me. For his sake. He makes so much effort to get on with me. He tells me he loves me, but i don't see how he can. I often wonder whether he just puts up with me because i'm his sister and there's nothing he can do/say to change that, but then why would he make so much effort with me ? I hate myself for the way i've treated him. He's moving out soon ( his girlfriend's pregnant ) and i'm going to miss him so much. He said that we're still going to see each-other all the time etc but i've been thinking, when he moves out, should i break contact with him and let him lead his own life ? Would that make him happy ? I would ask him, but i know what he'll say. He'll say i'm being silly and that he loves me, but i can't help thinking he's just saying that out of politeness. Reemee: I thought it might be what he wants. Perhaps when he moves out he would prefer a fresh start ( a life without having to see me ) but he doesn't want to say so because he's kind and doesn't want to cause any trouble.
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Flo Flo | 7 days ago
Are you honestly considering breaking contact with him after you just said how horrible you have been to him and how he has been trying to make it work? Wouldn't that just make it worse? I think you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and grow up and be a supportive sibling. That's the only way you can make it up. You're brother and sister, it's so silly that you would even say that you're thinking about what he wants. He's 20 he's going to have a family soon and it sounds like he's matured.Like I said get over yourself and don't put even more pressure on your brother. He's going to miss you but now he has bigger things to worry about. Like I said be supportive hence be a good sister.
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Daisy Daisy
I bet everything I have on his love for you. I've got a brother, too. He's 4 years older than me, and he's my only sibling. He never said that he loves me, never in my life (until now) have I heard that sentences from him. But everything he has done makes me believe in his love for me. He was willing to stay in my home country, to give me a chance to study abroad. He allowed me to be in relationship with his best friend. He picks me up at the airport everytime I come back home, even when my flight is in the midnight. I feel his love for me, even I can't hear it by my ears. Nothing called politeness in love between brothers and sisters! I swear that your brother definitely loves you. He's just moving out because he's in harsh time and harsh situation, he doesn't want you to see how depressed he would be.(No brother in this world wants his sister to see him in bad mood) Of course that nothing can change the truth you're his sister :) But I believe he never wants to change it even if he could. He's happy to be your brother. You did say he had been nice to you and been there for you throughout everytime, didn't you? Only love can let him do that! Well, finally I want to tell you, keep saving and loving your brother.Don't break contact with him! As what you've said about him, he's really a precious gift of God that you're deserved to recieve in your life. You're a nice and perceptive girl, you love your brother. Please be a wonderful sister by letting him know that you're willing to stick with him through thick and thin of your life, and his also! I hope I could help you feel better, nice girl. :)
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Bithiah Bithiah
Why would you break contact with your brother? He loves you cause you are his sister, and nothing can change that. If you want to do anything to help him out then be a better sister to him. Breaking contact would just be silly and really quite unreasonable, you are family and have to see each other at functions. Change your attitude towards him and who knows maybe him moving out will do it for you. Love your brother, he is the only one you have.
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Aimey Aimey
You are too young to be thinking into these things so much. He still loves you even if your nasty because he remembers being 15 and having all that pent up emotion. lol Don't break contact with him family is the most important part of your life. and trust me your relationship will be GREAT in 3 years or so. Get a lot closer with your family when your an adult.
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Tommy Tommy
You are pathetic those two other girls are right, it's call about you. Poor brother of yours. He is moving out about to start a family of his own and you are going to stop talking to him instead of helping him with this big step. What are you going to do when he has the baby? Are you going to ignore it? That would make him so "happy"
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Raymund Raymund
You are blessed to have a brother who cares for you in that way. Do not lose contact with him but allow him to be a significant other and father. He will always be your brother. Love yourself so you can accept his unconditional love.
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