What Does 'Expansion Pack' Mean?

What Does 'Expansion Pack' Mean? Topic: Case scenario meaning
July 16, 2019 / By Jules
Question: I need to know so i can buy games knowing what type they are! Please help me!!!!! So if it sais expansion pack on the name of the game but not on the case what should i believe????????
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Harri Harri | 10 days ago
Expansion Packs means that the company has put together addition material/scenarios. But it typically does not contain the core engines of the game so that's why you need the original game.
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Harri Originally Answered: What is the best Sims 2 Expansion Pack? (Opinions)?
Oh! you have the sims 2 for MAC. The Mac does not have as much Sims games as the PC version. So you can't get Freetime. Sorry. The best one for mac is Seasons.

Eldon Eldon
Say you were playing the Sims 2 and you bought an expansion pack, you would need the actual game itself installed before using the expansion pack. Many people make the mistake of buying expansion packs thinking they are the game itself, yet to no avail only to have to spend much more money on the game itself.
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Carter Carter
Expansion means- say there is a game (A) and you find exactly the same game but it says 'expansion pack' then the expansion pack will have for example some extra levels of (A).
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Allin Allin
Expansion packs are generally things that add to an already existing game. You usually are required to have the "Original" game to use the expansion pack. For instance, take The Sims 2, a popular PC game. In it you can make a family and live in a household and that kind of stuff. The Sims 2 : Bon Voyage is the latest EXPANSION PACK for it. This allows your families you created to go on vacation to various locales. You can play The Sims 2 alone, however, you CANNOT play Bon Voyage unless you already purchased and installed the original Sims 2. Hope that helps clear things up.
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Temperance Temperance
An expansion pack is additional content beyond the original version of the game. In other words, you need to have the original game to access the content in the expansion pack.
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Ronda Ronda
An expansion pack is a set of new levels or maps for the original program. You cannot use them without the original. As far as who to believe, you need to check and see if the game you are looking at would have a standard version. Is there something else at the end of the title? (i.e. Sims2=base Sims2 Pets=expansion)
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Mona Mona
An expansion pack is kind of like an add on to another game. For example, the Sims and Sims2 are the basic game that you'll need before you go for the expansion packs. An example of an expansion pack would be like....The Sims2 Pets. The Sims Superstar. things like that.
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Linsay Linsay
an expansion pack is something that is added on to the original, such as levels, characters, items, things like that you dont need them to play but if you like the game get them
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Linsay Originally Answered: The Sims 2 game and expansion pack keeps freezing?
It does sound to me like a graphics card issue. Check you have a Vista supported card http://www.sims2wiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:System_Requirements/MTS2_Recommendations#Pets.2FSeasons The recommendations are higher than the EA recommendations, because the EA minimum requirements are what is required to install the game, not RUN the game smoothly. The modthesims2 recommendations on the other hand are based on the feedback and experiences of thousands of REAL Sims 2 players. Here is a post from modthesims2 that may also be helpful (particularly the bit about turning down game settings): http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?p=1990240#post1990240

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