"Plagerized" on english paper?

"Plagerized" on english paper? Topic: Research paper writing tips
July 16, 2019 / By Perlie
Question: Last year, I had to write an essay for english but the week before, my very close friend passed away. I was with her family for the whole week and did not find the time to commit to my essay. Without caring, I made the wrong choice of getting some information off the internet and my teacher accused me. I explained to her about my situation and told me she will not give me a violation but an f for that grade. I recieved an f for the quarter and a c+ as a final grade. this has been bothering me for years and I am applying for college next year. Should i explain this? Will this effect me when colleges choose applicants? I have a soild 4.0 gpa right now. THANK YOU SO MUCH! i mean right now, i have a 4.0 gpa. that year, i got a 3.6
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Marlee Marlee | 4 days ago
First off, how can you have a 4.0 GPA with a C+? I was under the impression that a 4.0 required all As with perhaps one or two Bs...? You need to be very careful of academic honesty when it comes to colleges. They take this business very very seriously, and for good reason. The entire career of a college professor is based off of intellectual property. Their notes and lectures are their academic property, their publications are their academic property and their research is as well. It is one of the single most important aspects of being a professor, and as a result proper citation is one of their major pet peeves. Once again, for good reason. Their success in publication and research can often depend on a single citation; if THEY do not properly cite something they can lose out on publication or grant money, so naturally they are going to expect and push their students to learn correct citation practices. Which is a good thing, considering it can keep you out of court trouble later on, and because it generally provides integrity for any kind of work you may do. NEVER SKIMP ON CITATIONS. Better safe that sorry. Sure, it may take you a little longer, but at least you wont get in trouble over anything. Plus, (just a tip) when your paper includes a lot of citations, it takes up quite a bit of space, reducing the actual amount of writing you have to do. The point is, in college it is even more serious than it is in high school. In college, academic dishonesty can get you permanently expelled from a school (severely limiting your ability to attend other universities or to get a job) and can even land you in court with a lawsuit. Do I think the C+ needs to be explained? No. I honestly don't think they will even ask about it, especially if you actually do have a 4.0. But it all really depends on what university you're trying to get into. If your going to your run of the mill local university/college I doubt they will even look at it, probably just looking at your GPA and test scores. But, if you are trying to get into Harvard or Yale or something, they may ask about it, because those schools are extremely selective and have an extensive enrollment interview process. In general though, don't explain it unless they ask about it, which is unlikely. And even if they do ask, which they probably won't, you don't have to tell them anything; all you have to say is that some personal matters negatively affected our academic performance in that particular course (they can't ask you about private matters, and they don't care to anyways). Remember, YOU WERE NOT REPORTED for plagiarism, so there is no official record of this happening; all they know is that you received a C+ on one occasion, but otherwise are a solid performer in school. Everyone messes up from time to time, they know and expect this from someone your age. They are used to approving and dealing with much lower performers than you are and they have seen it all. Trust me; despite my intelligence I never cared for high school, and as a result I had many bad grades that they could have asked me about, but they just sent me an acceptance letter without a word. Keep in mind that the people doing approvals go through thousands of people and do not know you at all. All they really care about is that you have the basic credentials that they point out as requirements to attend their school. In other words, as long as your test scores and GPA are at or above their requirements (which they usually post on their website), you will probably be accepted. All they really see are numbers, and they don't usually have the time to care about individual courses you took. But once again, it depends on which school you're applying to.
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Faye Faye
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