Why makes abortion so wrong?

Why makes abortion so wrong? Topic: Plant cell biology research articles
July 20, 2019 / By York
Question: Why do religious fanatics feel so strongly against abortion? Why do they think "killing" (if that's even the proper word to use) a cluster of cells that has no nervous system and can't feel pain or suffering is the same as killing a baby? They don't have a problem with killing adults, who are able to feel pain and suffering, and who have families that also suffer from such senseless acts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Jennings_Hill They don't have a problem with killing animals, which are able to feel pain and suffering: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn17972-animals-feel-the-pain-of-religious-slaughter.html They don't have a problem with In Vitro fertilization, which kills MANY embryos in the process: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_vitro_fertilization#Selection But removing a tiny patch of cells from a woman (even if she was brutally raped) that hasn't really become ANYTHING yet is considered murder. Please help me understand this. shajoi7 - yes, you're right, I meant what NewlyBorn - thank you for all of the insightful information! Unfortunately, I doubt many people read it. However, if I were at level 2, I'd totally give you a thumbs up! Bill A - for your info, my mother became pregnant after getting her tubes tied, and would have died if she hadn't had an abortion. The potential child would have died too, so I don't see how anyone could blame her in that situation. The risk of her losing her life and her already existing child being raised without a mother was too high for her to risk it. UncleThesis - your argument really makes no sense. If the same person who planted the seeds dug them up, no one would give a ****. My question wasn't whether or not someone else forcing a woman to have an abortion is wrong - for obvious reasons it is. ItrySoHard - you're an egotistical idiot, just like most uneducated people who still don't understand evolution or basic biology. Maria S - see answer above Yenmar - you too need to see my response to ItrySoHard sooperj - thank you for your educated response, and I agree that people should take the necessary precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Pro-choice kitten - bravo! Daver - thank you for your well thought out answer. However, just because something was considered to be sinful over 2000 years ago, does that mean the same moral system should be applied to our actions today? If so, should people still be sentenced to death for working on Sundays? And should children be stoned to death for not believing in God?
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Shelumiel Shelumiel | 10 days ago
Most of them believe this because they believe that the embryo or fetus has a soul already. That and because of all the false propaganda that has been displayed by pro-life advocates over all these years. There have been websites stating (very legitly might I add) that the fetus can feel pain at 8 weeks which is a LIE. The hypothalamus is nowhere NEAR developed yet! The website also said that it takes 5 months of continuous unprotected sex before a woman can get pregnant (this was a huge red flag seeing that the website was false.) It only takes ONE TIME to have sex protected or not to become pregnant. They also believe that a married woman in financial troubles has no right to copulate with her husband until they have enough money to raise a child. Or even an adult in a serious monogamous relationship have NO RIGHT to have sex with her boyfriend. They believe that rape victims need to be vessels to support life against their will because its the "right thing to do" Well in reality the "right thing" lies in the uterus of the beholder. Most of them believe that EVERY woman who has EVER had an abortion used no protection and sleep around with multiple people because they enjoy being a sl*t. If that were true then that means EVERY person who was EVER born meant that their parents were sleeping around and didn't care to use protection. They don't take into consideration that in the majority of cases the mother was ACTUALLY thinking about her baby during her abortion. Thinking about how her baby would live on welfare and not be able to get the food/nurishment that mother wishes to provide for them. The mother in most cases detest the idea of throwing their baby in an unknown future in adoption agencies. Going from house to house with clothes in a walmart bag being unloved, uncared for UNWANTED by their birth mother and everyone else who looked at them and thought "hmm not cute enough NEXT!" Pro-lifers show pictures of stillborns covered in a mass of blood, or they take stillborns/premies from their mourning mothers and collect them in garbage bags to take pictures. Or sometimes they'll take a dead baby and actually CUT OFF its head and say that this is abortion. The vast majority of pro-life believers are brainwashed with the lies of other pro-life believers. They feed off of one another rather than actually researching what abortion REALLY is. If you ask me I think its quite ignorant. Make your judgements AFTER you research abortion and AFTER you've read stories of woman who have had them and their reasons to why.
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Shelumiel Originally Answered: I'm pretty anti-abortion, but do you agree that abortion laws that favor women do have this purpose in society?
you are forgetting about contraceptives. some rapists do wear condoms. besides, i'm pretty sure that a rapist isn't thinking about whether or not his victim will have an abortion. it doesn't matter if an evolutionary psychologist made any claims at all, as long as rape itself is considered a crime. so that, to me, is moot. if you take a look at the history books, at the prison populations, or just outside, you might notice that people do a lot of really stupid things. sometimes they regret the decisions they make. whether a woman is impregnated by force, by mistake (contraceptives do fail), or by consensual methods, she may come to realize that she is not in any sort of position to carry out the pregnancy to term. there is also a flip-side to your consensual sex and rape models. sometimes women intentionally mislead men into thinking they won't get pregnant. things like pinholes in condoms, not really taking the pill, etc. etc. if that is the case, then shouldn't the man have the right to abort the pregnancy? another topic for another day is the concept that some people feel the need to "ban" things they don't like, regardless of the opinions of others. things like abortion. **************************************... edit: are you insane? are you a virgin? there is no rule that sex is solely for reproduction. if you are basing your "question" on your own philisophical/religious opinions, then you are discounting the opinions of the people you are asking! for you, apparently, sex is a function, for nearly everyone else, sex is also for fun. if you are asking a question simply for the sake of finding people that agree with you, then you are cheating yourself out of learning something from others. your hypocrisy is showing: "...the father should undoubtedly have a say..." - but only if he wants to keep it? "...the man shouldn't have the right to abort the pregnancy..." - because he doesn't want to keep it? when looking at your entire post, i get the feeling that, while you discount the concept of "evolutionary pressures" being valid, you utterly believe that it is true. repeatedly, you state that you think men will rape to procreate. you insert the abortion topic as a possible way to give women a sense of control after the rape has occured. even when the sex is consensual, you assert that it must be for procreation, nothing else, as love/sex must be directly linked to pregnancy. and, what is with your misandry? do you think all men want to rape women? that only men want sex? that rapists only want children? that a woman exists solely for bearing children is pretty mysogynistic in itself, but you seem to have this strange hang-up about how men think/behave. "If you don't love the woman enough to have a child with her, then you're just doing it for your own self-gratification." - are you telling me there is no mutual gratification in sex? are you defining sex strictly as penile/vaginal? should people that are infertile just quit? "... no birth control is 100% guaranteed..." - but they get pretty damn close, and abortion bridges the gap. furthermore, in regards to your original post: there was rape long before there was any form of contraceptive and/or effective abortion technique. making abortion illegal will not increase or decrease rape incidences. one has nothing to do with the other. from wikipedia: "There is no single theory that conclusively explains the motivation for rape; the motives of rapists can be multi-factorial and are subject to debate. Several factors have been proposed: anger, a desire for power, sadism, sexual gratification, and evolutionary pressures." procreation is one small theory for motivation. and: "Sociobiologists Thornhill and Palmer argue that the ability to understand rape, and thereby prevent it, is severely compromised because its basis in human evolution has been ignored. Studies by these sociobiologists indicate that it is an evolutionary strategy for certain males who lack the ability to persuade the female by non-violent means to pass on their genes." Notice that it says "certain males." Even in the evolutional-rape theory, the researchers say that this only applies to some people. This would be more prevalent in cultures where men do not have the ability to reproduce because of their social status. You mention you discount this theory, but your whole post is dependant upon it. and: "The medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas argued that rape, though sinful, was much less unacceptable than masturbation or coitus interruptus, because it fulfilled the procreative function of sex, while the other acts violated the purpose of sex." And then there is that little gem. Some people actually think rape is better than masturbation, because, at the very least, a child may come of it... absolutely insane. this theory might have worked back in the 1400's, as the population had just been decimated by the plague. today's society is not the same as that of the medieval time period, but we still have people that cling to the values of that period despite their irrelevance. "...[the evolutionary theory is] crap and justifying men committing crimes against women, but nonetheless the fact that some scientists say this does give men an excuse to do it..." - thats an absolutley absurd theory. since when does a suggested reasoning of motivation give anyone any authorization to do anything? it isn't a validation of an act, it is a speculation of the act. one happened before the other, get it? the act of rape is the cause for the theory, not the effect. "...with abortion completely illegal, there would be more men who would force themselves inside of women in order to assert sexual dominance over females and constantly remind them that, no matter what illusions of equality society may produce, men will always have the ability of forcing a woman to be pregnant, and there's nothing she can do about it..." - that is also an absolutley absurd theory. again, rarely is a rape about procreation! rapists have little to no interest in reproduction! if they did, they'd stick around to see if the victim got knocked up! You do realize that not everyone is fit to be a parent, right? so, by your reasoning, two idiots engaging in consensual sex should have a child. these same idiots should keep having children every time they have sex that results in pregnancy. yet they are idiots. they are too stupid to realize they cannot support the needs of their child(ren). they don't know of the options available to them, and they won't stop screwing. what happens next? poverty, maybe? child welfare services making house calls, perhaps? all those kids growing up with two idiots as role models will more than likely result in a bunch of idiots having consensual sex with other idiots. i wonder if that is why this planet is covered with 6.8 billion people?

Norman Norman
i'm not religious at all but i do believe strongly that abortion is completely wrong. it is killing a baby. its not just a "cluster of cells" bc that baby is a living breathing and has complete feelings. infact the baby can actually feel pain. a lady i know went to her dr and they told her to abort her baby bc the baby's kidney's were too big and she didn't abort him and she now has a healthy baby. they do have a nervous system and just think why didn't your mother abort you? bc as you said all you were was a cluster of cells right? look at some of these facts 1. Day 20: Foundations of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system are already established. 2. Day 21: The heart begins to beat. 3. Week 8: At a little more than an inch long, the developing life is now called a fetus-- Latin for young one or offspring. Everything is now present that will be found in a fully developed adult. The stomach produces digestive juices and the kidneys have begun to function. The fetus' body responds to touch, although the mother will not be able to feel movement until the fourth or fifth month. even if people don't want the baby there are plenty of parents out there hoping for a child so people can adopt it and riase it. my mom actually own's a book about a girl who was aborted and lived through it and she has cerebral palsy from the saline that her mother chose to abort her with. i'm sorry this is so long please don't think i'm crazy i just hate abortion and i hope this opens your eyes.
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Kyran Kyran
Ok, instead of aborting a baby, and take the chance of harming the mother, why not just let the baby be born alive THEN kill it? It's still, as you put it, 'a cluster of cells'. The 'fetus' (unborn baby) CAN feel pain. When saline solution is injected into the womb(one way to perform an abortion) to kill the 'fetus'/cluster of cells, it feels the pain of the salt (saline) eating the skin away. When the needle is jammed into its skull to suck it's brains out (another method of abortion) (to kill the 'cluster of cells') it feels the pain. You are obviously trying to justify the murder of your own unborn child. Hey, if you can live with murdering your own child(children) and can live with it, go for it. But why go to a doctor to have it done? Just wait, drop the kid, then slam it against the wall and kill the 'cluster of cells' that just dropped out of your body. By the way, this 'cluster of cells' is a human being and at 3 weeks the embryo is going through lots of basic growth at this time, with the beginning development of the brain, spinal cord, heart, and gastrointestinal tract. At weeks 4 & 5 arm and leg buds are visible, but not clearly distinguishable. The heart is now beating at a steady rhythm. The placenta has begun to form and is producing some important hormones including hCG. There is movement of rudimentary blood through the main vessels. The early structures that will become the eyes and ears are forming. The embryo is ¼ inch long by the end of these weeks. At week 6 the formation of the lungs, jaw, nose, and palate begin now. The hand and feet buds have webbed structures that will become the fingers and toes. The brain is continuing to form into its complex parts. A vaginal ultrasound could possibly detect an audible heartbeat at this time. The embryo is about a ½ inch in length. At week 7 every essential organ has begun to form in the embryo’s tiny body even though it still weighs less than an aspirin. The hair and nipple follicles are forming, and the eyelids and tongue have begun formation. The elbows and toes are more visible as the trunk begins to straighten out. At week 8 the ears are continuing to form externally and internally. Everything that is present in an adult human is now present in the small embryo. The bones are beginning to form, and the muscles can contract. The facial features continue to mature, and the eyelids are now more developed. The embryo is at the end of the embryonic period and begins the fetal period. The embryo is about 1 inch long and is the size of a bean. Weeks 9 - 13 the fetus has grown to about 3 inches in length and weighs about an ounce. The genitalia have clearly formed into male or female, but still could not be seen clearly on an ultrasound. The eyelids close and will not reopen until the 28th week of pregnancy. The fetus can make a fist, and the buds for baby teeth appear. The head is nearly half the size of the entire fetus. Now tell me the UNBORN BABY (your 'cluster of cells) doesn't feel pain. By the way, pregnancies that occur through rape/incest are less than 1% because of those acts. The difference between ABORTION and MURDER is less than a second. Also, when a pregnant woman is murdered and the unborn baby dies, too, why is it considered a DOUBLE MURDER if the unborn baby is 'just a cluster of cells'? hmmm? Here's some neat photos of ultrasounds of 'clusters of cells': http://prolifeamerica.com/4D-Ultrasound-pictures/ Here's some more pictures of 'clusters of cells' (graphic results of what you feel is perfectly ok): http://www.100abortionpictures.com/Aborted_Baby_Pictures_Abortion_Photos/ It doesn't take a 'religious fanatic' to care about UNBORN CHILDREN. I'm sure even so called atheists would have difficulty feeling murdering an unborn child is permissible.
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Isaac Isaac
ABORTION - In Catholic morality, abortion is either direct (induced) or indirect. Direct abortion is any destruction of the product of human conception, whether before or after implantation in the womb. A direct abortion is one that is intended either as an end in itself or as a means to an end. As a willful attack on unborn human life, no matter what the motive, direct abortion is always a grave objective evil. Indirect abortion is the foreseen but merely permitted evacuation of a fetus which cannot survive outside the womb. The evacuation is not the intended or directly willed result, but the side effect, of some legitimate procedure. As such it is morally allowable. The essential sinfulness of direct abortion consists in the homicidal intent to kill innocent life. This factor places the controverted question as to precisely when human life begins, outside the ambit of the moral issue; as it also makes the now commonly held Catholic position that human life begins at conception equally outside the heart of the church's teaching about the grave sinfulness of direct abortion. Abortion has been condemned by the Church since apostolic times. The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, composed before A.D. 100, told the faithful "You shall not procure abortion. You shall not destroy a newborn child" (II, 2). Direct abortion and infanticide were from the beginning placed on the same level of malice. Hundreds of ecclesiastical documents from the first century through to the present testify to the same moral doctrine, with such nuances as time, place, and circumstances indicated. The Second Vatican Council declared: "Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception," so that "abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes" (Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, IV, 51). Pope Paul VI confirmed this teaching in 1974. "Respect for human life,' he wrote, "is called for from the time that the process of generation begins. From the time that the ovum is fertilized, a life is begun which is neither that of the father nor of the mother. It is rather the life of a new human being with its own growth. It would never be made human if it were not human already." Consequently, "divine law and natural reason exclude all right to the direct killing of an innocent human being"
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Farran Farran
Since I am a man, I feel I do not have as much weight in my opinion, and because I do not share religious views on the matter... I think we could debate abortion just like that of evolution and creation, and it will not change anyone's mind. All that I can say is that in my opinion abortions without question allows people to take less or no responsibility, since if they make a mistake, they can just visit the doctor to get rid of it. Before sex, minus any religions or non religious morals, protection needs to be thought out before the act. What I am trying to say is, we need to take responsibility for what we do. One might say those who abort their baby knowing that they can not support one, or just do not want one is taking responsibility. But I say, in knowing that beforehand, birth control is the responsibility. If the birth control fails, that is another story. When a woman is raped, that should be the choice of the woman raped. Rape is a forced situation related to power on the behalf of the one doing the raping... not an act of compassion nor love. We all make mistakes. But giving people a magic pill to get rid of them, is that making it too easy to make mistakes?
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Curt Curt
Whether the bunch of cells can feel or not has nothing to do with it. It is alive, and that is enough. What if an adult didn't have a nervous system? Would that justify killing him? I don't support killing adults. Animals are not people! When you can show me an animal that can make a computer, and read a book, I'll talk about it. No idea what the other thing is, but I think I'd be against it. It doesn't sound like something I'd support.
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Assur Assur
I knew a girl that was on the birth control pill, and also taking certain medications. She thought she was pregnant and went to her family doctor. He told her that she would have to have an abortion due to the fact that she was on certain medications that can cause birth defects. She turned out to not be pregnant and everything went back to normal. True story. This is the reason that I am pro-choice... I do think its bad to use abortion as a form of birth control do to irresponsible behavior though. I'm not religious, but I do have personal morals about it, and don't think its completely wrong in the right circumstances.
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Verity Verity
People do not agree with you that it is just a patch of cells. People believe that what you call "cells", is an actual human with a soul. Animals are not human with souls. People who are against Abortion are generally against In Vitro. If you are talking about capital punishment, when you talk about killing adults, capital punishment is not considered murder. Capital punishment could be considered the same as death that results from war or self defense. I do not think most people who are against abortion agree or support killing doctors who perform abortions. If a person believes abortion is murder and you have this person who is killing 1,000s of babies a year, year after year, I could understand why they would try to kill the person who is doing it. Most people who are against abortion do not support killing abortion doctors. Even people strongly opposed to abortion. I can understand other points of view even if I do not agree with them.
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Septima Septima
The examples you give of killing adults and animals make a valid point. It constitutes wrongful acts. To refer to a newly conceived life as "a cluster of cells" is also wrong. If I planted apple seeds in order to make a living from an orchard and you came along and ploughed it under, you would not only be sued but your defense of "it was only seeds" would be thrown out of court. You may wish to develop a bit more respect for that "tiny patch of cells".
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Septima Originally Answered: Im doing a research project for school on Abortion. What are some solutions to Abortion?
The most effective way would probably be education. Shockingly enough, many people, especially teenagers, do not know how to effectively protect themselves--some even think that may not get pregnant if they 'just' have sex once or a couple times. Many are also encouraged by their partner not to use condoms, since they 'don't feel as good', or they tell the girl that they will 'pull out' just in time. Girls need to know that pulling out is not an effective form of birth control, since you can get pregnant from pre-ejaculation AND the guy may not pull out. They need to know which birth controls are most effective (ie. the calender system and pulling out are not effective.) Offering free birth control, especially the Pill, would also help--and especially to younger kids. Younger girls are not very likely to ask their parents for contraceptives, and some states don't let them get contraceptives like the Pill without the consent of their parents.

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