Songs about being hurt by a close friend, but not knowing what to do because you care about them so much?

Songs about being hurt by a close friend, but not knowing what to do because you care about them so much? Topic: How to write a song about someone you love
June 16, 2019 / By Terrie
Question: Imagine the person your closest with, someone who's been with you through sad and happy times, who you've always been able to count on, that person you have all the personal jokes with, share your favourite music, books, interests, everything. Now imagine out of the blue for the next two weeks they start ignoring you completely, but still acts completely normal with all your other friends that you share, even ones who haven't known them as long as you've known them. Imagine him criticising your every action and word and cutting all your conversations short (subtly of course, always kind to you, just evasive) Imagine that he even skips you while saying goodbye to everyone else at the end of a night, even though you're looking him right in the eye. And after all that, having what he does seem so subtle that nobody else really sees it, of course, it's only so bloody obvious to you because you were so close and you can tell he's changed. Imagine not knowing how to breach the topic because you feel like you don't even know how to talk to him anymore without being pushed away or getting a strange 'what are you talking about look?', but you're not desperate enough to ask a friend to do it for you, besides, they wouldn't understand anyway. ^ my issue Anyways I would like songs about being hurt by someone but still loving them so it hurts even more + advice? :( I am lookng for ideas to write my own song about it actually, that's why I want to some inspiration. I'm not listening to sad songs, but what is hard is that we share the same music tastes and all the same bands :') He doesn't realise he's hurting me at all, trust me I can tell, he still regards me as a good friend. I'm just wondering if it would be a good idea to confront him or just to let it go... I'm doing fine really, it's just a little heart breaking
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Rosalin Rosalin | 5 days ago
I can think of a few off the top of my head, most imply romance, but can be taken to mean any relationship really :) It would help if you said what genre you liked, so I'll give you a few different genres of I can :) Painting Flowers by All Time Low (About refusing to give up on someone even though you screwed up) I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace (About hating someone but still loving them) Miserable Without You by Mayday Parade (More about love) The Art of Forgiveness by Maria Mena (Again, more about love) On My Own by Three Days Grace (Not exactly what you're talking about, but kind of) Takes One to Know One by Maria Mena Never be the Same by Red Unwanted by Avril Lavigne A few others it reminded me of: Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift There's a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered by PANIC! At the Disco Riot by Three Days Grace As for your friend issue, have you spoken to any other friends in case the friend ignoring you has told them a reason why? The first thing you can try to do is understand the issue, the you may be able to solve it better. if they don't want to listen or talk, I'm afraid you can't make them. It's their choice though, and although it hurts, keep in mind that if you're always there for them, they may eventually realise you really do care for them as a friend. All the best and I hope there's an alright song there OR that your problem solves itself for you soon :)
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his favorite junk fooods... a funny card/letter.... if you guys have any inside jokes bout anything, you can send that inside joke thing.... anything youd think he'd like ; )
Rosalin Originally Answered: HELP! EASY POints! i need ideas of a care package for my close guy friend (and crush)?
I also have a niece who misses her better half lots, not for the quantity of time yet for the popular issues she misses out on. I observed some thing on Oprah which her better half now does for her and she or he loves it. save a diary, with photos if accessible, of what you do each and daily. the memories of the human beings you're with - humorous and not so humorous. The on an popular basis grind that throughout the time of a normal day you will possibly communicate over dinner or jointly as gazing television. deliver this to her with a genuine authentic love letter - tell her the way you experience approximately her and what your plans for the destiny are. help her experience that she continues to be an element of your existence even although you're so some distance away. contain on your modern-day vouchers for each and all the flaws you will possibly do in case you have been residing house, mowing the lawns, changing nappies, neck rubs, washing dishes. In impressive circumstances it quite is the primary issues that count style the main. And from me, thank you and please pass residing house to her effectively..

Moreen Moreen
Hey... i've been in a similar place with you, not the same situation with a friend but with girls and people in general and all i wanted to do is to listen to sad songs and think... While this was the only thing i really wanted to do at that times of sadness it was the worst thing of all.. I won't give you any sad songs and you should stop listening to sad songs... What you have to learn and i guess you have learned that already is that people change... no one but no one will stay the same... so you were depening on your friend to make you happy, you put your happiness or a part of your happiness in his hands and now that he has changed for some reasons that you shouldn't care about your happiness is lost too... You see that's what happens when you put your happiness in external things like women, friends, people, money, events, outcomes, objects, you can lose it any time because these things change. So you must face the reality here my friend and not living in a sad world listening to sad songs... and let me tell you what the reality is and what you really have to do to feel better. So you have been friends with this person for long time, and now he has changed, ok... accept that... you can't control him, so do you want to have friends like him? No i guess, so stop caring about him, remove him from your life completely, if you have friends in the same group maybe it's better to just find new friends even if it sounds hard to do. Seriously, stop thinking about him, start focusing on what you want to do, start a new hobby, a sport, workout, do something you really enjoy doing for yourself, meet new people... Being happy and feeling good it's a choice, it's not something that something else must happen first to feel happy. Happiness is a choice and either you choose to be happy or you don't. So you have 2 options here... either you ignore my answer completely and you continue thinking about someone who has betrayed you or he has changed because that's how life is and you can do nothing about it and continue listening to sad songs that will do nothing to you but make you feel worse and even have suicidal thoughts in the end OR you accept the fact that he has changed and you can do nothing about it, that that's how life is and you should be careful on who's your next friend will be, ignore him completely, remove him from your life if possible, start new hobbies, activities, sport maybe, and join some classes where you can make new friends, start listening to positive songs, learn something new, move on with your life and be happy.. So these are your choices... as you can see if you wanna be happy it's a choice, happiness can be found anywhere and in anything we experience. In every situation you must see the positive things... and in your situation let me tell you some positive things: 1.You learn to accept that you can't control other people and that's how life is, people change. 2.You learn that you shouldn't expect anything from anyone and not depending on others to make you happy but to take responsibility for your life and happiness and make yourself happy. 3.You know that he isn't a good friend so that gives you an opportunity to make new friends 4.You know to be careful next time you trust someone 5.You learn that even if you care about someone they might don't give a **** and that's life, accept that. 6.You grow stronger and becoming more mature 7.You have more experience with life After some months you'll remember this and you'll laugh about it, believe me... If you are hurt by someone it's not the other person fault, it's all your fault... Yes the other person might have done something that is bad but you have no control over that person, you can't control him or his actions so why focusing on the other person ? But if you take full responsibility about this painful situation and think that if you didn't expect anything from him, and if you never were putting your happiness in his hands then if he did what he did you would feel sorry for him and you would just move on with your life as nothing happened... So i hope you won't ignore my answer and you''ll do something about it instead of listening to sad songs which will never do to you any good but make you more sad.
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Lissa Lissa
Why on earth would you want to listen to a song like that over and over? Move forward with your life instead.
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Lissa Originally Answered: Songs about being in love but not knowing what to do?
I put what the artist has to say about the piece, the description, so you knwo just what the song is about. Let me know if you like any of them in the "Additional Info" area. <333 Thanks! "The Way I Loved You" - Taylor Swift I got this idea for a song about being in a relationship with a nice guy who is punctual and opens up the door for you and brings you flowers...but you feel nothing. The whole time you're with him, you're thinking about the guy who was complicated and messy and frustrating. So I brought that idea, the title and where I thought the song should go to John. He was able to relate to it because he is that complicated, frustrating messy guy in his relationships. We came at the song from different angles. It was just so cool to get in a room and write with him because he really is an incredible writer. "Sparks Fly" - (Taylor Swift) "Sparks Fly" is about falling for someone who you maybe shouldn't fall for, but you can't stop yourself because there's such a connection and chemistry. This is a song I wrote a few years ago and I have been working on it ever since. It's been awesome to see it change over the years. The fans have heard it before in concert, but there have been some really cool changes that I am very proud of and can't wait for them to hear. "Haunted" - (Taylor Swift) "Haunted" is about the moment that you realize the person you're in love with is drifting and fading fast. And you don't know what to do, but in that period of time, in that phase of love, where it's fading out, time moves so slowly. Everything hinges on what that last text message said, and you're realizing that he's kind of falling out of love. That's a really heartbreaking and tragic thing to go through, because the whole time you're trying to tell yourself it's not happening. I went through this, and I ended up waking up in the middle of the night writing this song about it. I wanted the music and the orchestration to reflect the intensity of the emotion the song is about, so we recorded strings with Paul Buckmaster at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. It was an amazing experience - recording this entire big, live string section that I think in the end really captured the intense, chaotic feeling of confusion I was looking for. "Tell Me Why" - Taylor Swift I'd been talking to a guy I've never "officially" dated. Sometimes it's the hardest thing when you have all these dreams of dating them, and you're getting close, but it doesn't work out. He would say things that would make me go, "Did you just say that?" It bothered me so much because he would say one thing and do another, do one thing and say another. Because he didn't know what he wanted, he would just play all these mind games. So I went over to write with Liz and was just ranting and raving about how this guy is such a flake and such a jerk sometimes, and so cool other times. I was like, "Liz, I don't know what's up with this guy!" So I just started playing the beginning, "I took a chance, I took a shot. And you might think I'm bulletproof, but I'm not."

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