How can I make a chocolate penis?

How can I make a chocolate penis? Topic: Replica research
June 25, 2019 / By Alexus
Question: Bear with me here... Because I think this would be hilarious, I want to make an exact chocolate replica of my penis for my girlfriend. However, I have no idea how to go about this, and an hour of research has availed nothing as of yet. If this is breaking some sort of community guideline, then I apologize. However, this is my last resort. Do not fail me, Yahoo.
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Best Answers: How can I make a chocolate penis?

Tyler Tyler | 5 days ago
You can find recipes that will show you how to make chocolates on the Net. All you need is a chocolate mold in order to create a chocolate penis.
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Ricky Ricky
you could just cover your penis with chocolate and have your gf lick if off ;) lol but the only i can think of is using your penis as a mould, getting some melted chocolate and putting it in the fridge ....... somehow LOL good luck <3
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Merrick Merrick
sex store all i got 2 say cuz my girl was talking about chocolate penis the other day so yea go by the kit 2 make it good luck
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Joram Joram
make like a dough mix make sure its jus right not too hard not too soft make it so it feels like play dough then put ur dick in it till it dries or conform to the shape then pur the melted chocolate in it wait till it hardens and dries then jus clean the outside of the chocolate then walah a chocolate dick lol it sud work
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