Whats this bra size?

Whats this bra size? Topic: Watch case sizing
June 25, 2019 / By Hughie
Question: If the underbust size is 65.5cm .........................and the fullest part is 73cm Then whats the bra size? how can it be big if they look so tiny?? okay im confused cuz im a really skinny gal and i dunno how it can possibly be more than a B size?? i weigh 46......and also you lot d know that i wrote 65.5 CM and 73 CM not inches
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Erle Erle | 2 days ago
That comes out to a 32C. You can do the math for yourself over here: http://www.afraidtoask.com/breast/breast... But just watch out because the system asks you to round up twice in your case so you might just be more comfortable in a 30D.
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unless i am mistaken, you wrote the same thing twice. in that case, there is no difference. xxlrg would be one size more than xlrg.
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The more Xs there are, the bigger the size. Check which size shirt you wear (or the other person wears) and choose the same one.

Colman Colman
im thinks around a C36/38? maybe.. im not sure tho. sound about right? .. it wud be easyier if u had it in inches.. bc im a 40DD.. and my measurements..are like WHOA lol soo yeah . im thinking it we be around a C36/38.?
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Areli Areli
It depends on the size of your torso right underneath. I dunno, there's a way to figure out your size, i think you should look up how to figure out your size with your measurements. haha hope that helps :)
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I'm 16 and 5'5 as well... You are the perfect weight, you have smaller feet, and you have a larger bra size but there's no average in that case. 16 year old girls have anywhere from A to C cup (maybe D) and that doesn't mean anything in relation to your height or anything.

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