What makes a successful marriage?

What makes a successful marriage? Topic: How to write a paper from an interview
July 20, 2019 / By Shanice
Question: I have to write a paper in my psychology class. We were given many different topics to choose from. I picked marriage. I have to interview a happily married couple and then tell why this topic is important to me. It is very important to me because I am engaged and will be getting married soon. So could anyone please help me out? "Interview a happily married couple. Discuss ways the marriage has or has not changed over the years, the biggest problems they have faced, and the experiences that have brought them the most satisfaction." Could anyone please answer those questions for me? I would really appreciate it.
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Oprah Oprah | 2 days ago
Our marriage has grown stronger over the years, because we have always listened to each other. The biggest problems we have faced- were learning how to cope with our arguments...everyone has them. We have learned that opposed to yelling when angry- if we speak softly and listen...explain how we feel...then our problems work themselves out and we don't suffer negative repercussions from them. What has brought us the most satisfaction probably would be quality time... talking with each other and not only having an intamite relationship, but a friendship too.
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Mahalah Mahalah
Ok You want us to do your homework for you huh? My marriage was a match made in Heaven, We have been together 8 years and first communicated on Valentines day. The marriage started out great and it still is, we are soul mates and have a very strong connection with each other which has not weakened in the slightest over the years. I guess the only thing that has changed is our ages..lol. The sex life has not even suffered it feels like the first time every time. We have a beautifull existance together. We have faced a lot of haertaches but have worked through them and it has not effected our marriage. The best experience that has brought us together is the fact that we found each other through some miracle. We are truley a fairy tale couple. We are satisfied just to be together, we do not need anything else. We complete one another..full circle. I hope this helps.
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Ketzia Ketzia
Communication is the main thing. If you can talk to each other about anything then that is a good start. Taking time for each other and tryin to give each other attention.
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Jaiden Jaiden
there is no way you will get solid answers to that subject ! Marriage is a on going process ! marriage is a individual encounter that always change !
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Emmie Emmie
This is your school paper, not ours. The best I'm going to offer is to respect one another, keep the best interests of the spouse foremost, and do not cheat.
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