Younger cousin makes me jealous?

Younger cousin makes me jealous? Topic: Fun case study
July 17, 2019 / By Dyson
Question: she has been drinking and smoking since 14 and just had sex at 16. she said she has had tons of orgasms already and she is proud of herself because she is the last person her age (well, she said there are maybe 10 kids in her senior year class in high school that are still virgins). is it weird for me to be jealous? i never did that stuff in high school but i feel like i missed out for some reason because i was the only kid who never did that. i always look back and realize i never had fun. all i did was study and play my violin and then i was on a sports team and had practice 6 times a week. i am aware half my team slept together and had sex, too, and they all drank but me, but they were always happy and had fun and seemed to be fine. i just never realized before how many kids do those things. and i live in a great school district, one of the best in my state, so does my cousin. and i can't believe how many people do these things but i really do feel jealous. should i really be jealous and feel like i missed out or not?
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Butch Butch | 6 days ago
it sounds like you are older than her and she's still in high school and you are comparing what she's currently doing in high school to what you did when you were high school? if that's the case, then you need to stop thinking about what you shoulda, coulda, woulda done, and focus on the great things that you accomplished during high school. it's never too late to have fun...................
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Butch Originally Answered: I'm jealous of my cousin?
Envy is a terrible feeling. My brother is multimillionaire with a several homes and any luxury you could think of. Never in my life was I envious of the rich, I figured good for them, I am happy with my life. But somehow when a member of my family became super-rich, my life seemed like a failure in COMPARISON. It is natural for siblings (or cousins) to compare themselves. But it is not heathy in this case. So that is crux of the problem. Stop comparing your life with hers. It is easier to be grateful with what you have, (therefore happy) if you keep the focus on building your own life. No one has the same situation.
Butch Originally Answered: I'm jealous of my cousin?
Whatever is going on in her life (good or bad) will not magically transform yours into what you want it to be nor will it magically make your life worse so being jealous doesn't serve any useful purpose; all jealousy does is make you miserable and blind to the good things you do have in your life. For example, if her mom started working today, your mom will not suddenly quit her job. Another example is if her parents said "no more family trips," then it doesn't mean that your family will suddenly start taking family trips. Again, jealousy doesn't serve any useful purpose. Since you feel lonely, why don't you try to become closer to your cousins instead of being jealous of your 17 year old one? See if you can form a closer relationship and you might enjoy each other's company and appreciate being in each other's lives.

Aldred Aldred
You should never regret something that can not be changed...dont be jealous as their is nothing you can do about it... Its not a bad thing...u didnt miss out, you just took a different way through skewl...be happy that you dont have a kid or an STD or a liquor ticket for underage drinking...be happy that you can make proper and wise choices now that you are a bit older...
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Tajuana Tajuana
okay sweetie i'm gonna drop some knowledge on you really quick before you do something stupid. you should be proud that you have missed out on all those things. and not to be harsh but your cousin is a slut and in everyones eyes, that is how she is viewed. I used to feel the exact same way I was your age brought to be a lady, to respect myself, and respect what i have between my legs because a REAL man wants a woman that has had less than 3 or no partners at all. because when you get married your husband will be proud that his woman has not been with multiple or any man other then him. and any REAL man wants that. I have had mothers of people in my church and other places that i participated in and at, who's daughters were having babies and sleeping with every boy that winked at the, tell me how proud they were of me and how much of an insperation I am to them to see a young lady my age so together and having pride in myself as a woman who will not et any man take advantage of what's in my pants at such a young age or any age. and it used to shock me because I never knew people were watching me like that and it felt good!..so that goes to show that you never know who's watching you. so chose your actions wisely and keep your head up and stay strong because it is hard out here for young women to be cautious about who they give themselves to and what they are doing with their time. life is too short and too precious so choose your activities wisely and think about your future before you make any hasty actions because you will find yourself with a whole lot of regret in the future looking at people who do not respect themselves because they are talking a good game and they are making it look so good and sweetie believe me it its not it could be that she is jealous of you and might be trying to bring you down by dragging you into her world....
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Tajuana Originally Answered: Why am I jealous of them?
I will get back to you after a week or so when Im done reading... okay I just got back to you, check you mail

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