Traveling to paris for one week?

Traveling to paris for one week? Topic: Suitcase shop
June 16, 2019 / By Raschelle
Question: illl be going to paris for one week next month and i would like to know how much euros i need to carry to spend,flight and accommodation with feeding has been taken care of, so how much should i take along for clothes,accesories,a locked iphone 4,shoes,e.t.c P.S i'm 16yrs
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Merideth Merideth | 2 days ago
Take as much as you can possibly afford as Paris is an amazing city. You will die when you see the fashion available in the shops. You'll need money for another suitcase as well! If you have a bank card, use that to get euros out of an ATM, but you might need to tell the bank you'll be using it in Paris.
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Leone Leone
You shouldn't carry too much money on you, maybe up to 50 euros. That should cover drinks, snacks, a meal, museum entrance. If you need more you can either pay by card or withdraw money. True - call your bank before you leave, they have these extra security measures. It is indeed very suspicious that someone wants to withdraw money in another country (why???). You can be left with no money in a strange place although there IS money on your account - it happened to me.
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