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Ugh.Homework. = /? Topic: The sisterhood of traveling pants
June 17, 2019 / By Carlyle
Question: ok so... for my reading i have to pick a book i have read, then pick a song and change around the words of the song to make it represent the book. i dont know what book OR song to do so...help puh-lease? here are some of the books i have read lately : the notebook a mango shaped space orchid and gumbo poker club ttyl series sisterhood of the traveling pants series so which book should i do? any song ideas stupid project i know, thaks for the help =D oh and i just finished message in a bottle =]
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Allen Allen | 9 days ago
I would do Sisterhood of the traveling pants for the book. For the song I would do "Our Song" by:Taylor Swift. I would think of a summary for the book and them fit that to the tune of the song. I hope this helps. ;)
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