Does size matter to you?

Does size matter to you? Topic: Rack case size
June 16, 2019 / By Gordon
Question: Does it matter? Do you like a large or small brain? What about breasts, penis, long or short hair? What do you like? Buff or skinny? Opposite or same sex. Tell me people lest see what we all say.
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Dudde Dudde | 6 days ago
First, a guy has got to be articulate...if he can't hold up his end of the conversation and never has anything to say...buybye! Not necesrly intelligent...but witty at least Second...size doesn't matter! It is the way you use it that does... case in point...my ex-husband wasn't big but he damn well knew how to use it...my current lover is hung like a friggen race horse and is way too damn polite and hesitant...does not know how to use it Third...I am not into bald guys, shaved guys, or buzzed guys...give me floppy and skater haired guys any day...something to tousle and grab on to I think ripped guys are not at all attractive...I like em tall and broad shouldered, subtle muscles, and a little in the middle is all right Though I am all for the guys...I do appreciate a pretty woman with a nice rack
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Dudde Originally Answered: Does size matter?
I'm going to play big time ball next year and yes size does matter. Nobody is going to recruit a 5'6 120 middle linebacker...I play strong safety and I'm considered "small" at 5'9 180 lbs, but I make up for it with game speed and a real case of the quicks. Small qbs? Let's see...doug flutie, pat white, drew brees, tyrod tayor, michael vick...there are plenty of undersized qbs and football players. If you lack size, you just have to make up for it and excel at something else. For example vick is 6 feet but he has a CANNON arm and runs as fast as anyone. Drew Brees is 5'11 or 6 feet, but he has superb accuracy and touch on his passes. doug flutie is 5'10, but he was a competitor and great leader and always clutch. size does matter but it's not everything.
Dudde Originally Answered: Does size matter?
Size doesnt really matter at the college level in particular when you talk about spread offense QBs. They are mobile kids who can move around and create throwing lanes and in general spread the defense out creating even more open areas so they dont need to throw over defensive linemen. Will Tate be all Big 10 and/or All American? As a U of M fan I certainly hope so but time will tell. I dont foresee health being a problem though, if he gets injured I doubt size will have been much of a factor.
Dudde Originally Answered: Does size matter?
Well Forcier still has room on his frame to get bigger so if he does that this off season he should be fine. But he has good form and the athleticism to escape the rush so he should be fine...

Brodie Brodie
Size never matters. I like intelligent conversations, my finace says my Pretty C's are perfect, I love my honeys dick it does the trick EVERYTIME, short hair on guys long on girls.......my honey is skinny but im not so that doesn't matter. An stictly dickley for me!!
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Brodie Originally Answered: Does size really matter?
Nope. There's not such thing as 'Too Muscely'. The term is 'too muscular'. You don't have anything near anorexia. What you have is a case of low self-esteem coupled with a gym membership.
Brodie Originally Answered: Does size really matter?
Dude, you and I are in the same boat. I've got a six pack, and pretty muscular arms. People say I'm toned nicely. I'm not saying my arms are bigger than my head or anything. They're lean but you can still tell there's muscle. The only difference is that I don't go to the gym. I've been doing 100 pushups and situps since I was 14 and once I turned 16 I bumped it up to 150. Now that I'm 18 I'm doing 200. And this is per night. Thats for upper body. For lower I play multiple sorts where I have to use my legs, so it evens out. I recommend you get the way you want to look. Forget the protein supplements unless your lacking something in your diet. Eat healthy portions of the food groups, but reward yourself every once in awhile.

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