Is there something you can take that makes you unattracted to women?

Is there something you can take that makes you unattracted to women? Topic: Engage for success case studies
June 25, 2019 / By Dervla
Question: I want something to eat, or take (like a pill) that makes me unattracted to women. Does such a thing exist? What is the name? Thank you. Please don't answer saying "Why do you want such a pill.", or some opinion, or anything other than what I actually asked for. Thank you so much. BTW: I'm not saying "Is there something to make me unattractIVE to women." But "is there something that can make me unattracTED to women"
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Cameron Cameron | 9 days ago
Yes. Look at other apes and compare both the sexes. But do it as a study. If you look at female ones and compare with males, you will find that females look unattractive. They have sagging breasts and weaker bodies. Same is the case with human beings but women cover that up with smart dressing. If you look at them totally naked without corrupted mind as if to study their bodies you will find that they are not very attractive as yopu see them when fully clothed. My clear understanding is that woman are not attractive. Ones minds get weaker if he constantly engages in thinking that women are wonderful sex objects. We are outcome of what we think and what we act. Truth is that women too are wary of their looks. There is no other good reason for every woman to be constantly worried about the way they look. They do make uop and what not. This should definitely help you. But my advice to you. Do not hate them. I get an impression that you want to hate woman. It is going to hurt you more. If you try to hate others constantly or even for a moment it acts as a powerful sin that has its effects in this same life. The logic behind that is simple. If you hate someone your mind gets into constant disturbance. Even a little success from the ones you hate creates jealousy in you. That jealousy creates more hatred and you again ang again get into this bad loop until you find yourlself totally fallen. It is gonna put you in a big mess. Sorry for such a big answer. Just was bit worried if you are carrying such thoughts in your mind. Applying this logic is purely for getting away from the lure of woman not to hate them. We should not have this kind of logic in mind forever. This is only turn to our attention to more grander things like God rather than having meaningless smaller desires like sex. All women please forgive me for such a nasty answer. But sometimes we too need moral support in this confused world.
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Vincent Vincent
you could take "Salt Peter" an ingredient used in the manufacturing of gunpowder.. to reduce your sex drive ( they use in prisons for that purpose) even if your are gay by sexual orientation .. you still can look at a sexy woman and see why she is sexy to you even , if you aren't sexually attracted to her.It is a chemical reaction in your genetic make up.. your sexual drive that's makes you attracted to the opposite sex..
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