I wanna find a counter argument against the existance of lucid dreaming for my english research paper please?

I wanna find a counter argument against the existance of lucid dreaming for my english research paper please? Topic: My research paper for english
July 20, 2019 / By Abagale
Question: I wanna find a counter argument against the existance of lucid dreaming for my english research paper please!! preferably an article! please =) will vote for best answer :-)
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Best Answers: I wanna find a counter argument against the existance of lucid dreaming for my english research paper please?

Sparrow Sparrow | 4 days ago
I was unable to find an article, but I have heard and seen several arguments against lucid dreaming, claiming that when someone thinks that they have had a lucid dream, they were only dreaming that they were knowing that they were dreaming. Another claim is that you are actually not asleep when in a lucid dream, so that it's actually not dreaming at all. Another popular argument against lucid dreaming that I especially see here at Yahoo! Answers is that it's impossible to be conscious when dreaming because we are unconscious when sleeping, and that our brains/minds are not capable of being aware when we are dreaming.
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Sparrow Originally Answered: Why do i keep failing at lucid dreaming?
XD ohhh, ur 2nd day huh? cmon man, give it some time! i would say itd take a few weeks to really get anywhere. ive been wanting to train myself to be able to do this as well but i always forget, im so preoccupied with other things. what kind of reality checks are you doing? one i heard about that i really wanted to try, was each time you enter a new room, once you go through the door, do a reality check. it seems like a pretty good one to me. if after 2 or 3 weeks you havent gotten anywhere THEN id say you have the right to worry and need to revise your training methods!! this has reinspired me to pick up my own training again. so here i go :) (damn..but i hate having to keep a dream journal -.- tedious work...dreams are so detailed and i dont want to waste so much time trying to explain elusive images and feelings..) well good luck
Sparrow Originally Answered: Why do i keep failing at lucid dreaming?
Try thinking about what exactly you want to dream about right as you're going to sleep. I lucid dream without meaning to, I'm always tipped off when something completely stupid happens or another good way is to try and remember how you got to where you are. Like inception says, a dream starts in the middle, there is no beginning, if you can't remember how you got somewhere then it's a dream.
Sparrow Originally Answered: Why do i keep failing at lucid dreaming?
nicely, first of all you do no longer initiate having vibrant objectives until approximately ninety minutes into sleep. So by potential of the time you initiate dreaming it ought to already be out of your suggestions. Lucid dreaming is amazingly annoying. the fact tests will in basic terms artwork in case you assume you do no longer understand no count if or no longer your wide awake or asleep until once you do the examine. in case you do the fact examine understanding you're wide awake, that is basically no longer powerful. you could desire to do it as in case you probably did no longer understand. i've got lucid dreamt some situations, and fact checking not at all helped me. now and returned I basically make certain i'm asleep for unquestionably no particular reason. good success.

Osman Osman
I accept as true with the answer above. Like what in case you controlling the dream is in simple terms area of the dream? O_o i have self belief in lucid dreaming, like do not get me incorrect or some thing ^_^ even though it extremely is the argument hostile to it.
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Osman Originally Answered: Anyone have any lucid dreaming tips?
Hi Makaveli, The first step to lucid dreaming is putting your energy into recalling and recording your dreams. 1) Go to bed each night with a clear and strong intention set that you will remember your dreams. 2) keep a notepad and pen or pencil handy under your pillow or within easy reach on a bedside table. The intention here is to keep any and all body movements on waking to a minimum. I used to write my dreams down with my eyes closed at first! Movement or an alarm going off for a prolonged time will blow out the dream memory like a stiff wind blows fallen leaves. If you can afford one, a hand held audio recorder is fantastic, you turn it on, lie back, keep your eyes closed and talk. It doesn't have to be in any coherent order either, just let it flow. 3) Get up right after and go to your computer and transcribe what you said. Take a moment to close your eyes, take a few breaths, relax and then re-read what you wrote. You will start Going: Oh yeah, this part came here, that was later, and so on. You will also get flashes like 'Oh Yes, she was wearing RED! Or other details you missed the first time. Let them come and insert them into your text where they belong. We tend to remember(especially when you begin this remembering practice) starting with the last bit of the dream before waking and working our way backwards, so when you first transcribe Its going to be in reverse order. 4) all this takes time and energy and commitment. You need to set aside an hour at minimum to practice this in the mornings before you start your day. If its clear in your memory and you think, ahh, I'll shower first, get breakfast on and THEN record my dream, most if not all of it will be gone by the time you get around to it. 5) And sometimes despite all this, the dream is wiped away like chalk off a blackboard. This happens to me too still sometimes, and I have been at this for years and years. I suspect the reason for this is our Higher Selves decides we aren't ready to hold this knowledge consciously, and draws the mental curtain. All the above I figured out through my own work. I didn't get this from someone else. I learned the hard way. Dream journaling is the way to lucid dreaming. I have proven this truth for myself through my own practice. This is not my belief, or a theory this is a fact. Its an incredibly interesting, worthwhile and spiritual practice. You will learn a lot about yourself. But this practice takes longer than a week to start seeing results... How to lucid dream: The first action you can take towards lucid dreaming is to begin Journaling your dreams. Go to sleep every night with the intention to recall your dreams. Write them down. This exercise teaches you concentration and will lead to control, as lucid dreaming is about the focus of your mind and concentration. You are exercising a mental muscle by practicing recall. Eventually, there will come a dream where, while in it, you will think to yourself; I HAVE to remember THIS! This moment is the first stirrings of awakening. It is the first moment of lucidity. The moment you consciously recognize that you are in another world, and must remember. It takes work, time, commitment, and desire. Just keep at it and have patience. This is no quick fix. This is work. But Its fun work! Happy Dreaming! PS: A great primer for beginners is Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss. PPS:Its also a great idea to honor the energy and guidance that comes to you from your dreams by acting on them in the waking world, like using the idea or inspiration that was given you, for example. My first lucid dreams lasted barely long enough to realize I was lucid, then the sheer excitement and wonder would sweep me away, and I'd fall back into the dream, no longer lucid. Its easy to get caught up in the 'action'. Its a good idea to have a goal, thats very astute of you! For example, one of my goals was I would go there and then start asking people I met what the name of the town/city was, then waking myself up to write it down, then re-entering the dream and repeating this. Having something to focus on helps you to stay focussed and present, and aware you are in the dreamtime. it is SO easy to get swept up in it and forget. As time went on, my lucid moments became longer and longer. it took me years but who knows? We all have different levels of speed of learning, your path may be faster. I can't remember when I finally achieved my lucid dreaming, I have been at it for ten plus years. I know that at the height of my ability, I was lucid dreaming five nights out of seven, many times all the way from lift off (out of the body) to the return to the body, and maintaining awareness throughout (which is why I am positive that when we dream we enter the astral realms. I know from my personal experiences). I still lucid dream often, but not at the same level, at least not right now. And I have my reasons for that. Blessings, Zola Uriel
Osman Originally Answered: Anyone have any lucid dreaming tips?
continuity is life. we do not believe in lucidity. I want to educate you in very early stage. don't have trust on lucidity of dream. It may/may not happen. Have faith in your hard work and credibility to make sure "true dreams".

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