Songwriters: what makes a good song?

Songwriters: what makes a good song? Topic: How to write a song about someone you hate
June 16, 2019 / By Raleigh
Question: i mean, i know how to write them, but what are good ideas? can you give me a list please? i want real life ideas, that people can relate to.
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Marlon Marlon | 4 days ago
If you want real life ideas, take things from real life. finding your only someone breaking up (a little over done) a common feeling (love, hate, etc.) something you love doing there are lots of things. just sit down and start writing how you feel at that very moment. maybe something just happened and you're excited or scared. a lot of the time its just how you feel. sit down and listen to some good songs and what they are about to get better ideas.
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Marlon Originally Answered: For songwriters, how do you know when you're finished writing the song?
You just gotta take it as it is. Otherwise you'll be changing it forever. I know that when I've shown it to someone they usually like the first or second version better than any ones after those. Sometimes without realizing it, you change it so much that what you really wrote down the first time fades away. For me, I just put it away for awhile, move on to other ones, come back and compare first and last versions and see if it's really what I wanted to say.

Jerred Jerred
As you'll think, the sky is just about the prohibit. Just as with books or film scripts there may also be a few earnings streams generated by way of a success tune. A few of them are: list income, royalties, residuals. A tune can't handiest be a list, it may be a Broadway exhibit, a hoop tone, a film. The predominant factor is to be involved approximately being a well songwriter. Everything else will come of its possess.
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Giles Giles
Good Ideas 1. what you are feeling at the moment 2. what has made you what you are 3. and what is on your mind -Texasgirl
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Donny Donny
Study techniques used in books or novels or plays. Study Shakespeare, the way he uses tragedy (and comedy) is actually somewhat genius. Listen to top songs and ask yourself why it is such a good song. Learn from others but don't forget to find a way to make your stuff creative.
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Brandon Brandon
how about being cheated on by a gf or bf, or being in love, or wanting to be with someone, etc.... just make sure u have comprehensible lyrics, a good beat, and nice flow.. good luck!!
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Brandon Originally Answered: I want to write a song! CALLING ALL SONGWRITERS?
you start with the words,and bring the music in to it,may have to change words and music around till it sounds right together,it like anything,start at the beginning, the words,you have to improvises and compromise the words and music together,to make it as one,like a marriage of the two..putting your feeling into the song means a lot,a lot of song writers,only write the song for some one and then they put the music to it,but if you want it to sound the way you wish,then you will have to compose the music with the words..

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