Hey guys need advice from HORSEPEOPLE! Is this a good idea?

Hey guys need advice from HORSEPEOPLE! Is this a good idea? Topic: Homework board ideas
June 16, 2019 / By Gillian
Question: Okay, thank you reading this. I have allways wanted a horse and my parents can't offord the bording so I have a plan that I could have MY very own horse.There is this barn I go to for lessons and I help out and I have all helped there a LOT! I'm talking like sometimes 5 days a week. Anyways I always work like really hard and the lady that like runs it practically said they would give me a job when I'm old enough and they pay $8 bucks an hour and in the summer if I worked 25 hours hours a week that would be like 200 bucks a week!!! That is $600 a month and the pasture boarding is only 260 and it comes with food for your horse and grain twice a day. And the extra money I can set aside for vet bills and when my horse needs new shoes and a saddle. I'm homeschooled so in the school year I can probably work 3 days a week if I get all of my homework done. Do you think this is a good idea to finally be able to get a horse? I'm willing to work a lot if it means having my own horse. And my parents would still pay for lessons they said, and they will get my workers permit. I know this sounds selfish but if I pay for my own horse and it'll be mine I don't have to share with my sister and brothers or anybody. Thank you so much for reading this! If you have advice please give it
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Best Answers: Hey guys need advice from HORSEPEOPLE! Is this a good idea?

Denice Denice | 2 days ago
Try to find someone at the horse barn who doesn;'t have enough time to give to their horse and enter into a share arranegement. You get the experience and benefit of half a horse and they have someone who helps. they are a big drain on time and money, and this will make it easier for you until you are working and getting a good wage of your own.
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this sounds awesome !!! and when you become a famous author i will buy every one of your books lol xxx

Calida Calida
I say, don't jump into this. I know you want a horse! TRUST ME! SO DO I! But, you don't want to buy the horse, start working and then not be able to handle it! Also, think about it. You won't just be working. You have work, school, lessons, friend and family time, caring for your horse, having fun and riding your horse(not just in lessons), and you time! That's a lot. So, what I say is wait at least six months. Start working. With everything else you have make sure you have at least 2 hours extra. You might not always have the time and you might not see him every day, but make sure you have at least 4 or 5 days a week. (this can include working days.) Also, the days you ride him in lessons, that can count and be apart of the two hours! I think you can do it. Just don't jump into it, and end up having to sell your amazing horse you buy:) GOOD LUCK! Also, I know it seems like a GREAT idea, but think about. Yes $600 a month! But take out board: $260 and that gives you $340. That is $4,080 a year. You want to have at least $5,000 for an emergency surgery and add to it all the time. So, I say wait two years. And saaave your money. You don't really need to save for board because you know you will have that, but save for vet and dentist which is $700 for the barn I want to board at. And farrier work which is $500. This is all yearly. Plus you want to be able to buy treats and stuff. So, I say $200 a year. Of course I probably won't every be spending that much unless I need a new bridle or something, but then once the year is over with you can put in the emergency bank account. So, just save for at least 1 1/2 years and THEN buy the horse:) BUt GOOD LUCK AND YOU WILL GET ONE. DON'T WORRY!
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Alys Alys
I believe you should have a long talk with your riding instructor, some peers, and your parents. Most adults cannot sustain their own horse. Expecting a young individual like yourself to carry such a humongous responsibility is, well, silly. Id hate for you to struggle and be stuck with a nightmarish situation, when you could be sitting in a more uplifting and rewarding circumstance. It's cute to have your own horse, but it's a pain in the butt if you're not on the ball. They require so much specialized time/care if you're looking to a decent riding companion. I know my mother would never drive me out 3 times a week, even if it were to the mailbox down the road. It's different for me where we have the property and the equipment to maintain a large amount of animals on our property, whereas you must keep your horse somewhere else-- in someone else's care. I would never be able to keep up with that myself, despite my work and independent transportation. But, that's just me. I know my limits. I believe you should stick by yours. Once you've educated yourself, experienced yourself a little more-- you can make those limitations and know them like the back of your hand. The fact that you are asking people here if this decision is right or wrong shows you have doubts. Which is good. It's healthy, and tremendously smart. Put yourself in a position where you are 100% confident in what you are doing, and then do it. Like my dad always says, "if you don't have a plan-- you plan to fail". Take care.
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Vernon Vernon
Although I agree that the above answers are valid, I supported a horse for three years by myself. I worked part-time as a stud assistant every day of the week and managed to give my horse everything he needed (which, unfortunately, was a LOT of feed. He was a big boy!) However, I spent ALL my paycheck on my horse. Thank goodness I was still living under my parent's roof, because I would not have been able to support myself AND the horse. I couldn't afford a lavish social life (movies, dinner etc) I couldn't afford to run my car, and....well... I couldn't buy anything for MYSELF. It all went to my horse. I was happy with that, and I did it happily. Sacrifice is easy when you love the horse so much! However, it came the time when I needed to start saving money for myself... which meant I had to sell my beloved horse on. I couldn't afford him any longer. That being said- it's perfectly plausible for you to pay for a horse and support it yourself. But think about the future too. Soon enough you'll have to go to college, or buy/rent a house, get a full time job...etc. Will you have the time and money to support your horse then??? Think long and hard about this. And also think about leasing.
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Rory Rory
I agree with Beth...that is a huge responsibility for you and might not end well. Maybe you can look into half-leasing a horse at your stable for a few months. It would be cheaper and if things did not work out, you could stop half-leasing (easier than selling the horse).
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