How to work in France?

How to work in France? Topic: Ups employment application pdf
June 25, 2019 / By Niel
Question: Could you work in France if you are from America and speak little French? if so, in what career fields / positions would fit you the best? (i.e. not having to talk to public often)
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Kole Kole | 7 days ago
Only EU citizens and nationals from nations in the Schengen zone are allowed to work and settle in France or other Schengen countries. Other foreigners can no longer decide to come, reside and work or live in France just because they want to do it. If you are an American citizen you first have to find an offer of a post whilst you are in the USA and be fluent in French. The organisation who will employ you has to be on French soil and must second your application on the grounds that no other person within the EU can fill this vacancy adequately. So you have to have very special or exceptional skills or qualifications, or work for an American organisation that has a foothold in France such as the diplomatic service (embassy or consular staff) and have had an offer in writing. The original work permit for such persons is usually for three years. http://www.immigration.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/i... Having received a job offer, you then apply for a visa and work permit producing the written evidence from the organisation that has offered you a post. For all information about visa, work permit and residence permit see: http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/espaces... Otherwise you only are allowed to come over for 90 days as a tourist and are not permitted to work during this time. Any firm or individual that employs you without a work permit is up for prosecution. In any case, the work situation in France at the moment is dire with nearly 10% French nationals out of work and desperately seeking employment. There are sometimes hundreds of applicants for one job and even very well qualified people have to take positions well below their ability to make ends meet, and many stay in posts which bore them to death or without any future simply because a bird in the hand is better than none in these hard times. Most countries have now put this kind of restrictions on immigration and the USA was the main initiator of such measures. It is just as difficult for EU citizens to move to the States .
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Kole Originally Answered: FRANCE VISA: Discontinue study visa and apply for work permit?
No. Your question points to the fact that you are not a European passport holder. You cannot convert a student visa into a permanent residency work permit. Presupposing that a university has accepted you and you can pay your way, you are only entitled to remain in the Schengen space for an academic year and this is renewable year by year if you have satisfactory results in your studies. You then have to go home, apply for a job from your normal country of residence and, if offered a post, you have to apply for a work and a long term visa from the nearest French consulate. Your application has to be supported by an employer that can prove that no European citizen can fill the vacancy offered to you and that your qualifications are particularly suitable for it. You do not mention what kind of degree you intend to study for but even a degree does not automatically mean that you will be entitled to work there as there are hundreds of well qualified French and European graduates desperate to find employment, and by law employers have to give them priority. If you did find a job whilst studying there, you still have to go home and apply for an entirely new visa.
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Marrying any man or woman with PR recognition received't assist you by technique of any means in buying your PR recognition. If, and it must be an excellent if, you're allowed to stay in Canada even as your reviews finish, you'll now no longer be geared up to artwork for truly sometime. hardly ever can everyone with PR acceptance sponsor an more advantageous man or woman into Canada. you ought to contact Immigration at present and be conscious what they elect your ideas are. you'll often ought to go back homestead and reapply clean.

Imlah Imlah
It's shameful to see posts like these, before bush the idiot there were people fighting to get into the US, i've never taught that we would become the next "russia" (failed empire). It makes me so sad! Anyhow! Go to France, settle into a small, I mean small not a big city, rent a room and speak to the locals, there's always need for a dependable worker. Begin small, be humble, the locals will make fun of you and where you came from but the key is to lay low do a good job, join a local church, synagogue and begin building a relationship with the locals, doors will open and you'll accomplish your goal. The French are big in rules and guidelines and we're more practical and generic, follow their rules and remember that in France do it as they do. Your government back home has failed you so it will be up to you to make it elsewhere.
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Euseby Euseby
"speak a little French"??? You don't. Cause, you need to have a work visa, which is near impossible to get (call the nearest French Embassy/Consulate, and get that lined up) and then start taking some French lessons. Cause I'm pretty sure you need to be more fluent to work there.
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You do not give the type of business, is it an SA, SARL, SF, EL or EURL? SA = PLC Public Limited Company SARL = Limited Liability Company SF = Trust Company EL = Self-Employed EURL = Sole Trader Without knowing that it is difficult to answer question. Please e-mail me then I can point you in the right direction.

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