Best places to LIVE AND WORK in the south of france?

Best places to LIVE AND WORK in the south of france? Topic: Homeworks of america
June 16, 2019 / By Jordie
Question: So me and my mom are going to move to france in june for me to go to high school, and have an adventure. When we were there in 2007, both our fav spots were the south of france area, where we could walk to the local bakery every morning and clear them out of their warm fresh croissants. So where in the south of france can i go to high school (or collage and lycee, i think they call it there) my mom can work ( shes an architect in the us, but ik the degrees dont work there, but something like that ) I can ride and eventually own horses, so like in the country-ish, but still with things to do, and where we can rent a house (RENT!) where there is property to have horses, that would be nice, but i know thats kind of wishfull thinking, so i guess just cheaper houses to rent, and lastly not too tourist-y, like NY is (except i love ny, but still) ik all of this is hard to find, thats why im asking u guys, but just the name of a great town in the south of france is ok, too. However much info u hav is fine
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Hanael Hanael | 1 day ago
Going to France and experiencing it on a short term holiday and moving and living there are two different things altogether, added to which you have very specific demands which are difficult to combine. Life in France is not the idyllic vision that many people have abroad and, especially at the moment, it is extremely hard with high prices and taxes, and rising inflation. It is already four years since you visited , and things have changed a great deal in that time. The first hurdle is that your mother would have to find a post from America with a firm that would need her services because she has very specialised knowledge in architecture and design, has particular qualifications that are indispensable to a project, and that no European could be found to design this particular project. The company that she applies to would have to sponsor her application on the grounds that they cannot find anyone in Europe to fill this job, something that is very unlikely. Their headquarters could be anywhere in France, not necessarily the South, and would be most likely to be right in the middle of a busy city where the rent would be very high, so bang goes your hope of a cheap house to rent in a quiet location with horses in the vicinity. If she were to find a job and the French authorities did give her a residency and work permit, it would only be for the length of the particular project, then she and you would have to go home. If your mother has the financial means to "have an adventure" without working and earning any money then the maximum period you could stay would be limited anyhow . http://www.ambafrance-us.org/spip.php?ru... There are some idyllic places in America, where you can meet all the criteria (except for the boulangerie hat you can walk to ) that you are looking for, such as Vermont, Connecticut, or Wyoming for instance where your mother can find work or be transferred to, and , let's face it, making lovely fresh croissants is not rocket science. So do not lose heart, you can live the kind of life you are looking for nearer to home even though the European regulations now prevent you from moving to France. Of course you can still come on a holiday renting a gite in the Dordogne, the Vendée, or in Provence in a village with a bakery down the road and spend your time horse riding in the country. http://www.rideinfrance.com/provence.htm
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Edgar Edgar
From Perpignan to Nice you have got really a quantity of fascinating locations in which you could e completely happy to paintings within the vacationer Industry. Narbonne is excellent and Sete too. although Marseilles has a hectic movements and has a tendency to be very busy , the hustle and bustle of the town. If you choose a quieter lifestyles then attempt to hinder it , opt for Aix additional in . Again Cannes and Nice being very a lot frequented they each present well expectancies. Especially on this enterprise there might be no second so that you can stay inactive in particular for those who love to catch up with unique kinds of men and women.--from posh to the widespread traveler and of path the day-to-day locals ... Polish your French if you're no longer fluent.... Bon sejour!
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Calvin Calvin
If you're not an EU national, you won't be living in France anytime soon. France is bursting with architects, and if they can't find the expertise they need in France itself, they'll find it in other EU countries. You're not going to be living in France any time soon, so put that notion right out of your head. Do some REAL research and find out what the story is. Incidentally, you will need very good French to manage at school, and you'll have to work VERY VERY HARD to manage with the French educational system.
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Alfrid Alfrid
Unfortunately, because you're American citizens, it's illegal for you and your mother to move to France to live. Unless your mother can show that she has enough money to support both of you without working! Have a look at the visa information on the French Embassy website.
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