My laptop makes a strange sound?

My laptop makes a strange sound? Topic: Cd case stands for
July 20, 2019 / By Margie
Question: i have a sony vaio VGN-FW11M every time i start it up you can hear a very thick and annoying sound, you feel like someone is scratching inside your ear. it lasts for about 30 min and than it start's again. if i put the laptop on stand by and than i start it again the same problem. what could be the problem? pls help me what could be the problem?
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Kitty Kitty | 7 days ago
hmmmmm... scretching sounds would prob be your hard drive... ring sony there normally pretty good, if this is the case they would prob replace it for you, but you should back your data up first.. there isnt really many mechanical parts in a computer that would make such a sound other then cd drive or hard drive.. from inside i would say its the hard drive.. prob need a new one mate.. there pretty easy to replace even if you got your own.. but that would be another question if it came 2 it wouldnt it :)
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Kitty Originally Answered: My laptop's fan makes a scraping sound when it first starts up?
I will be happy to help you with this! It sounds like this fan needs cleaned. If you can, open up the laptop as far as you can (follow a service manual if you have one, give me the computer model and I can try and find one for you) Then use compressed air to blow out the fan and the entire laptop case. Also look for other random objects that might be getting too close to the fan. I hope this helps!
Kitty Originally Answered: My laptop's fan makes a scraping sound when it first starts up?
There are two possible causes I can think of: it may be rubbing against something that gets blown out of the way when the fan comes up to speed; or it the fan blades might be loose and scraping against the case until centrifugal force moves them into the correct position. Either way, it may be time for a qualified technician to replace the fan. So long as the fan is quiet once it gets up to speed, you might be just fine and dandy. But if there's a problem, it's going to get worse eventually. You might want to get it fixed on your schedule, coz if you wait, the machine is not going consult you for a convenient time to break down.

Jaqueline Jaqueline
It very very almost fairly isn't a trojan. the main acceptable challenge an infection needs to do is draw undesirable activity to itself, they % to be hidden. in case you have a application it quite is feeding in noise or their is comments coming from yet yet another gadget. as quickly as you have a microsoft attempt muting it on an identical time as leaving the audio gadget on my own to substantiate no count if it quite is coming from the mic. confirm the wires and cables make constructive the on the instant are actually not loose or broken. additionally get rid of the numerous digital contraptions from close to to the audio gadget. cellular telephones exceedingly next Tel, can function at a frequency close to the audio gadget and lead them to chirp.
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Ettie Ettie
Yes hard drive sounds like. but could be the little fan for cooling. but do laptops have cooling fans? no i think heavy and low is hard drive. whiny and pitched is fan type. it is easy to change out.
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Ettie Originally Answered: Strange Question. about a laptop case/plastic.?
I would have thought this would cost a vast amount of money. Almost all plastic parts are done through injection moulding. The moulds cost a fortune but when used in 24hr production runs, they are viable. Why dismiss metal ? Heat ? Surely this is good to use a metal case that acts as a heatsink. But if that is a problem then why not choose a metal with poor conductive qualities.

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