I'm taking my SAT tomorrow, what is some good last minute advice?

I'm taking my SAT tomorrow, what is some good last minute advice? Topic: Example of newspaper article essays
June 16, 2019 / By Josiah
Question: For example how much time should I spend in each question, tips on writting a better essay, things like that. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!
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Harcourt Harcourt | 10 days ago
LAST MINUTE SAT TIPS: 1. Get a good night's sleep and eat a proper breakfast Sleep 8 - 10 hours the night before your test and make sure to eat a real breakfast the morning before the test. 2. Be prepared Put all of your materials for the next day in a plastic bag and have them ready to go right by your door or in your backpack. The list of things to take: ID cards, sharpened pencils, eraser, calculator, extra batteries, test registration form, and driving directions. 3. Read and write something before you leave home the morning of the test Read the newspaper or a few articles on BBC or The Economist and write a paragraph summarizing what you've learned. This will ensure your brain is warmed up and functioning well before you go to take your test. You don't want the SAT to be the first time you read or write that morning! 4. Bring some extra energy snacks Take in some fruit or carrot sticks and a bottle of water that you can eat and drink during the breaks to stay fresh and get some extra energy. If you really want, take a candy bar as well – be careful not to have too much sugar though! 5. Keep your momentum If a certain question holds you up, just circle it on your test booklet and answer sheet and then move on. Come back to it later. You want to keep a good pace and not let one annoying question hold you up. If you must, just eliminate a few answer choices and guess. As a rule of thumb, try to get through the first 10 questions in each section within the first 7 minutes. Good luck!
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I'm quite familiar with getting by in school. These sound exactly like the type of questions that would be answered almost directly, if not directly, in the chapter whose end they occupy. Read the chapter and quit stressing.

Ehud Ehud
hey me too :) Don't try to answer every question, unless you're really good. Spending more time on fewer questions and getting correct answers is better than rushing through them, answering them all and getting a bunch wrong. But if a problem looks like its going nowhere, skip it and come back to it later if you have time. And from what I've heard about the essay its better to spend the first 5 minutes outlining and pre-writing then to start writing immediately. If you haven't been there already the collegeboard.com has useful tips. Not sure if you alreadyknew all that or not but anyway since there's not a whole lot more you can do relax and get a good night sleep :) Good luck!
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Carey Carey
Get plenty of sleep. Eat a good breakfast in the morning. Dress comfortable. Eat pepper mints. Good Luck!!!
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Allard Allard
I would say don't over study to a point where you're worn out. And get a lot of sleep tonight. Good luck, and don't take it too seriously.
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Tarina Tarina
Skip questions you don't know and come back to them later. Do not change your answers unless you definitely know the second guess is correct.
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Ripley Ripley
Don't answer questions you don't know. I think that hurt me on the test because you lose points for wrong answers.
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Just write down what you have so far and make it the right word/page requirement. Then go back and edit and polish it. You sound like you have some ideas already, just take the time to develop them.

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