Christians do you know what neuroscience is?

Christians do you know what neuroscience is? Topic: Different ways to travel essays
June 15, 2019 / By Cheyenne
Question: The brain and the rest of the nervous system are composed of many different types of cells, but the primary functional unit is a cell called the neuron. ALL SENSATIONS, MOVEMENTS, THOUGHTS, MEMORIES, AND FEELINGS ARE THE RESULT OF SIGNALS THAT PASS THROUGH NEURONS. Neurons consist of three parts. The cell body (13) contains the nucleus, where most of the molecules that the neuron needs to survive and function are manufactured. Dendrites (14) extend out from the cell body like the branches of a tree and receive messages from other nerve cells. Signals then pass from the dendrites through the cell body and may travel away from the cell body down an axon (15) to another neuron, a muscle cell, or cells in some other organ. The neuron is usually surrounded by many support cells. http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/brain_basics/know_your_brain.htm how the h ell do you create thoughts when there's no longer activity in your brain??! thought/perception= for e.g. you will know you're in heaven, how the h ell will you know you're in heaven when there's no activity in your brain, will you create the thoughts from the air? 'priscilla101' thanks for the link, i think the consciousness of everything dissapears when blood circulation in the brain stops 'science chick' please go and click on the link, the signals travel in the brain and YES that is how thoughts are created and the ONLY way they are created. logic.. a SOUL does not create thoughts......soul does not exist, all your feelings, all your thoughts and memories are JUST signals in your brain. It's BASIC BIOLOGY how can you not get it????!!!!!!!!!! 'Meg M' that priest must be the most STUBBORN person in the world, it's biology of the brain, your "soul" is when the signals travel in your brain when there's no signals there's no thought. only 6 answers..hmm maybe because nobody didn't want to counterargue basic biology.
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Aspen Aspen | 9 days ago
You might enjoy this essay, it's on the exact issue you bring up: http://www.asa3.org/asa/topics/Psycholog...
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Aspen Originally Answered: Christians do you know what neuroscience is?
You might enjoy this essay, it's on the exact issue you bring up: http://www.asa3.org/asa/topics/Psycholog...

Aaren Aaren
Scientists do not claim to know everything about the brain. We know a lot, but do you really think a basic definition of a neuron is going to convince people that thoughts only come from cells? ADD: I have taken a college level anatomy course, HAP II just last semester actually with an A- and HAP I the semster before that with an A. I understand the basics of the brain.
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Solomon Solomon
What is Neuroscience? Neuroscience, the study of the nervous system, advances the understanding of human thought, emotion, and behavior. Neuroscientists use tools ranging from computers to special dyes to examine molecules, nerve cells, networks, brain systems, and behavior. From these studies, they learn how the nervous system develops and functions normally and what goes wrong in neurological disorders. What is the mind? Why do people feel emotions? What are the underlying causes of neurological and psychiatric disorders? These are among the many mysteries being unraveled by neuroscientists. Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system -- including the brain, the spinal cord, and networks of sensory nerve cells, or neurons, throughout the body. Humans contain roughly 100 billion neurons, the functional units of the nervous system. Neurons communicate with each other by sending electrical signals long distances and then releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters which cross synapses -- small gaps between neurons. The nervous system consists of two main parts. The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system includes the nerves that serve the neck and arms, trunk, legs, skeletal muscles and internal organs. Critical components of the nervous system are molecules, neurons, and the processes within and between cells. These are organized into large neural networks and systems controlling functions such as vision, hearing, learning, breathing and, ultimately, all of human behavior. Much of what is known about the mechanisms underlying these functions was first discovered through animal studies and then confirmed in humans. Through their research, neuroscientists work to: Describe the human brain and how it functions normally. Determine how the nervous system develops, matures and maintains itself through life. Find ways to prevent or cure many devastating neurological and psychiatric disorders. Only in recent decades has neuroscience become a recognized discipline. It is now a unified field that integrates biology, chemistry, and physics with studies of structure, physiology, and behavior, including human emotional and cognitive functions. Neuroscience research includes genes and other molecules that are the basis for the nervous system, individual neurons, and ensembles of neurons that make up systems and behavior. At the molecular level, neuroscientists use tools such as antibodies and gene probes to isolate and identify proteins and other molecules responsible for brain function. Molecular biologists isolate and describe the genes that produce the proteins important to neuron function. Neuroanatomists study the structure and organization of the nervous system. With special dyes, they detect specific neurotransmitters, and mark neurons and synapses with specific characteristics and functions. Developmental neuroscientists study how the brain grows and changes. They define chemicals and processes neurons use to seek out and connect with other neurons and maintain connections. Cognitive neuroscientists study functions such as perception and memory in animals by using behavioral methods and other neuroscience techniques. In humans, they use non-invasive brain scans -- such as positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging -- to uncover routes of neural processing that occur during language, problem solving and other tasks. Behavioral neuroscientists study the processes underlying behavior in humans and in animals. Their tools include microelectrodes, which measure electrical activity of neurons, and brain scans, which show parts of the brain that are active during activities such as seeing, speaking or remembering. Advanced computer systems are enabling neuroscientists to devise models of neurons and their connections in the brain -- how humans perform complex tasks. This work may lead to computer programs that understand speech and respond to spoken questions. Clinical neuroscientists — psychiatrists, neurologists and other medical specialists — use basic research findings to develop diagnostic methods and ways to prevent and treat neurological disorders that affect millions of people. Neuroscience research is pushing the envelope on one of science's last and most daunting frontiers — the brain. This work holds great promise for understanding and treating stroke, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and other illnesses. The fact about life is aprt of thee question here, Life is so complex that even after a billion years of research science still from how to make it has not happen. Thank God in the name of Jesus I Prasie him for not giving this power to man yet.
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Osborn Osborn
hee hee!!! good question!!!!...lol....the soul ..doesn't need the body to create though ..its an ethereal being in its own right...it is not the brain that creates thought but the soul...of course...(with just a hint of sarcasm...lol)
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Lennon Lennon
Ask Fr. Tad Pacholczyk. He's a Catholic priest with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Yale: [email protected] Just out of curiosity, from where did you receive your Ph.D. in neuroscience?
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