Lots of microbubbles in a reef tank?

Lots of microbubbles in a reef tank? Topic: Case sprayers
June 16, 2019 / By Chanelle
Question: Hey guys and girls I have a saltwater aquarium that has lots of microbubbles in it. I do run a skimmer but even with the skimmer off I still have them any ideas my return pump is a rio pump and it is fully sumbmerged under the water the pump is probably 13 months old if not more. Any ideas I'm thinking of adding a 100 micron filter sock would that help? Thanks pytr,well my sump is kinda of weird because it's behind the tank it's a turn key system so the water doesn't use an overflow it just goest through some slots into the sump without a drop off so that's not the case.what do you think it could be here is how it works the water enters the sump goes through the filter pads,carbon,gfo,then skimmer,then heater,then it used to slide through a trickle plate but I removed the bio balls and the plate so now it waterfalls about 5inches but I place a filter pads where it falls so I doubt it that could do it I plan to add the sock where the waterfall is. The rip pump pushes the water through a tube about 16 inches tall which sends through the swivel sprayers
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Anora Anora | 1 day ago
Tumbling water is very likely. Around the pump, do you have any tumbling waters? I know when my tank needs topped off as I start to get microbubbles in my water, the pump is still fully sumbered but the water gets a little turbulent and you start to see the air get trapped.
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Youkahainen Youkahainen
bubbles can be caused by a few things, but in your case it's probably bubbles from the flow into the sump getting to the rio and being whipped and pumped back into the tank. A sock or thicker mechanical filtration around the pipe into the sump might help, or change how it enters the sump, maybe add some pipe or an elbow. Can't be more specific without seeing the set up etc. But in small sumps this is more likely to happen. Try raising the water level in the sump or figuring out a way to make the water pass through more material before entering the area where the pump is. there are also times when the water is prone to this, certain chemical additives, new water added that's cold and other reasons
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