How can I find out my dress size?

How can I find out my dress size? Topic: D case size
June 16, 2019 / By Cari
Question: I'd like to acquire some dresses, but I'm too embarrassed to go into an actual store just yet. Is there anyway I could figure out an estimate of my dress size based on my pant and shirt sizes? I'm a 29 waist in men's and a small sized t-shirt, I usually wear skinny fits of both. Obviously, I don't have a bust. Thank you for any help or suggestions. (In case you're confused, I'm male)
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Amy Amy | 9 days ago
i'm a 30" waist & can fit into a size nine, or smaller skirt: i wear med/large mens shirts, & buy "L/xL 16-18" womens tops ~ womens tops & pants usually have a little spandex to make 'em fit tighter ~
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Amy Originally Answered: Can you really buy a dress without having tried it on? Bridal shops don't have the dress in stock for months!
It was a smart idea to try on similar dresses. That will give you a pretty good idea of how this gown will look on you. Still, you never know what could happen. Some brides LOVE a photo they see of a dress on a website or magazine, only to hate it when they try it on in real life. Did you ask the salon if they could get a sample for you to try on? Or is the dress designer having a trunk show anywhere near you? Call the designer and explain that you love this dress, but want to try it on before you order, and see if they could accommodate you. If you have your heart set on this new dress, though, and there's no way around it ... you can order it, but I would absolutely have some kind of backup plan in case things don't work out. If you need a quick dress, you could order one from jcrew.com or nordstrom.com, or buy a used dress off eBay or preownedweddingdresses.com. And definitely reserve an appointment with an awesome and skilled seamstress for when the dress arrives, so she can quickly adjust anything that doesn't flatter you properly.
Amy Originally Answered: Can you really buy a dress without having tried it on? Bridal shops don't have the dress in stock for months!
I think it's a bad idea. If you are sold on it though, try on a similar dress by the same manufacturer. Obviously the bottom part will be fine. That can't be too tight or not fit right. So you don't need to worry about that but find a dress with a similar bodice and a similar neckline. That way you'll at least know if that neckline works (it is rather low and I'd hate to find out it was too low). And if you've tried on a similarly tight bodice, you'll know exactly what size to order. I mean it seems to me there are too many other possibilities. I mean you order it now, and they still can't get it until a month away. That might still be late for the wedding. It could come in and be the wrong size--mistakes happen. Mine did. It was a size smaller than the one I tried on in the store--though the tag said it was the same. I could wear the store's dress but not mine. Then you are without dress! Or if it comes in and your dress happened to be the one on the top and gets cut. You are without dress! It needs alterations and it doesn't seem like you have time for them. I just think there is way too much that could go wrong ordering a dress blind without any time to fix an error that could occur. I would take a picture of that dress and go bridal store to bridal store to see if they have a similar dress to that one. You love the features of that one so you may love a very similar dress that the store already has in stock.
Amy Originally Answered: Can you really buy a dress without having tried it on? Bridal shops don't have the dress in stock for months!
Trying on a dress that's not in your size isn't that useful anyhow. It's not going to look the same when it actually fits. I'd say that as long as you've tried on similar styles (they look very similar to me, but I can't tell anything about the construction from a fashion picture) you should be ok. The store has a size chart for each style, so the fit won't be any worse than if they had the dress in stock. Details like the cut at the front, etc you aren't going to know, but like I said, in a dress that doesn't fit you aren't going to be able to tell either. With the similarity between those two dresses, the person wearing the dress is likely to make as much of a difference in how the dress looks as anything else is.

Wayland Wayland
The other answer was pretty good, but dress size you could go smaller than 9 easily. My female partner has a waist of 26 and has hips and she pulls off size 2 typically. So you might want to try a 6 at the store just for experiments' sake. As far as lack of a bust if you are interested in creating one, if you have the money waterbras/bombshell bra at victoria's secret can help boost whatever you are using for padding significantly.
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You have to work backwards. The point estimate is the midpoint between the lower and upper bounds of your interval: 20.15 Therefore, the sample mean is 20.15 The margin of error is the difference between each of the bounds and the point estimate: 4.95 Since the margin of error = Critical Value * Standard Error, we have to know the critical value. I will assume your population is normally distributed but only you know that. If I am correct, your critical value is 1.96. And standard error = standard deviation / sqrt (sample size). Thus, standard deviation = (margin of error) * sqrt(sample size) / (critical value). So, stddev = (4.95)(sqrt(11))/(1.96) = 8.38. ----------------- Re Guillermo's answer...he is assuming the population standard deviation is not known. That is often a correct assumption. In that case, one must use the student t's distribution. For the t-distribution, the critical values are larger (for small n) than the z-distribution. Only you know how your problem was defined, so make sure you know which distribution you are supposed to be using.
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